C Lee

Licensing Experience

16-20 Years

Location Desired

New York

Willing to Relocate



C Lee has 20 years experience, 10 years in product licensing and 10 years in influencer and celebrity brand management focusing on branding and marketing. C Lee specializes in lifestyle brand development and management for talents and brands in fashion, sports and entertainment. Her expertise is extending brands through strategic and creative development.  Creating and executing effective + innovative digital strategy across multiple platforms. C Lee’s mission is to help brands achieve their desired results through expansion into new products, markets, and platforms – while influencing the culture for the better. Her extensive network includes an assortment of key relationships such as celebrities, digital influencers, bloggers, agencies, licensee, manufacturers, distributors, non-profit organizations, media, entertainment properties and industry professionals.

Brand Strategy, Talent + Brand Management, Strategic Partnerships, Creative Development, Licensing and Business Development

C Lee is available for consulting and open to selective full time opportunities.


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