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Greg Sim

Vice President, Licensing


I have proven success developing, leading and growing the apparel business for major licensors and licensees everywhere from Wal*Mart to Nordstrom.  I have also initiated and managed collaborations with Van’s, Levi’s, New Era, Todd Snyder, Supreme, KITH, Public School, NorCal, and others.

In terms of live events, I have worked with acts ranging from Metallica to the Dave Matthews Band to Pearl Jam, to Joel Osteen to make sure that fans were able to buy product that reflected their passion for culture.

I have taken the preciously unprecedented step of bringing social analytics tools into the Consumer Products group.  This real-time data aggregated consumer opinion directly from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to accurately capture consumer sentiment.  This information could be drilled down from regions to the individual consumer.

By interacting with licensee and retailers on a detailed basis, I have learned buyers’ preferences for product, licensee, and price point.  This allowed me to consider these positions and plot a direction that was in the best interest of brand, distribution, and profitability.

I have worked at retail, in a League office, at a brand, and in a .com with a startup environment with all levels of an organization and all levels of management.  From managing a $10M retail business as an Assistant Buyer to a $170M royalty business as a Vice President, solid diplomacy, teamwork, and orientation toward details are all required and have been hallmarks of my career.


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