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I am a Consumer Product Specialist who is currently based in Brussels, as a freelance Multi-Product Designer.

Following more than ten years experience as a Creative Designer at Disneyland Paris- to Creative Manager at The Walt Disney Company, along with six years as a concept Fashion, Accessories, Multi-product Designer in the merchandise field (Blues Clothing, Sun-city, Marks+Spencers).

Enthusiasm, versatility, motivation and teamwork are a vital part of my role as a creative, commercial designer in a studio environment.(Remote work is also welcome)

Design Co-ordination, precise technical documents and a close liaison with buyers, printers, manufacturers and the merchandising/marketing team are vital to achieve perfect product.

Story-telling for small children and licensed product development for young kids are my speciality!

I deliver power point presentations, create-fashion/graphic artworks, research-trend moodboards, design- garments/products and develop-product ranges from A to Z.

Should you be looking for an experienced designer with a young creative mindset, do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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