Statement of Principles

Licensing International is the leading trade organization for the global licensing industry. Our mission is to foster the growth and expansion of licensing around the world to bring positive business results to our members. We believe that the best business is ethical business. Our members follow our Code of Conduct to ensure that our industry grows in the most ethical, inclusive and transparent manner possible.

1. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics.

Members and their employees will be honest, trustworthy, and accurate. Member companies will not accept kickbacks or under-the-table payments in connection with business development activities. In addition, member companies will comply with Antitrust laws and operate in the spirit of healthy competition.

2. We believe in diverse, inclusive and respectful workforces.

Members adopt policies that assure equal opportunity for all job and promotion candidates without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, veteran status, disability or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Member companies respect the personal rights of their employees and former employees. They safeguard privacy and handle with respect the professional reputation of current and former employees.

3. We honor and protect intellectual property rights.

Member companies have the deepest commitment to protecting their own and honoring others’ intellectual property in a way that not only adheres to the law, but goes beyond what is required to operate in good faith in the industry.

4. We are committed to ethical manufacturing.

Members and their employees use ethical standards in the factories used to manufacture products, where applicable. In addition, members commit to use manufacturers that comply with the highest ethical manufacturing certification in their categories.

5.  We believe that companies are responsible for environmental protection and sustainability.

Members engage in environmentally friendly practices across their operations and seek to continually improve their impact on the environment by applying increasingly sustainable business practices throughout their organizations.

6.  We believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the communities we touch.

Members seek to find honorable philanthropic engagements through which they can improve the communities in which they operate or the lives of the consumers and customers they serve.

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