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Company Name Company Type Location
2:10 AM Animation Licensor China
24 Seven Inc. Consultant United States
24IP Law Group Support Service Germany
360 Audit LLP Support Service United Kingdom
9 Story Brands Licensor United States
Aardman Animations Licensor United Kingdom
AB Electrolux - Global Brand Licensing Licensor United States
ABC Commercial Licensor Australia
Abelman Frayne & Schwab Support Service United States
ABRAL - Brazilian Licensing Association Support Service Brazil
Acamar Films Ltd Licensor United Kingdom
Accessory Innovations Licensee/Manufacturer United States
ACCO Brands USA LLC Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Accutime Watch Licensee/Manufacturer United States
ACT III Licensing Licensing Agent United States
Active Merchandising Licensing Agent Germany
Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Licensor United States
ADK Creative One Support Service Japan
ADK Emotions Inc. Licensor Japan
Adventure Publishing Group, Inc. Support Service United States
Agenda LLC Support Service Japan
Agents and Managers in Creative Industries (AGMA) Support Service Finland
Agosin Licensing/Agosin Entretenimento Brasil LTDA Licensing Agent Brazil
AHA Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Licensor China
AI Licensing India Pvt. Ltd Licensing Agent India
AI Samurai Inc. Licensor Japan
Akademie der Deutschen Medien GmbH Support Service Germany
ALFILO Brands Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer China
Alias Entertainment GmbH Licensor Germany
Alibaba Licensor China
Alicentia Henzler und Schrotberger GbR Licensing Agent Germany
Alita's Brand Bar Licensing Agent United States
All-American Licensing & Management Group (AALMG) Licensing Agent United States
Allsorts Media Ltd. Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Alpha Animation Licensor France
Amaury Sport Organisation licensor France
Amazon Retailer United States
American Mensa Licensor United States
American Museum of Natural History Licensor United States
AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Amparin S.A. de C.V. (Distroller) Licensor Mexico
AMS Neue Medien GmbH Support Service Germany
Amscan International Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Amscan, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
andFIKA, Co., Ltd. Consultant, Licensor, Licensing Agent Japan
Andun IP Consultant, Support Service, Support Service China
Animaccord Ltd. Licensor Cyprus
Animantz Licensor India
Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd Licensor Malaysia
Animation International Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Apple IP (Intellectual Property) Firm Licensing Agent South Korea
Arent Fox Support Service, Support Service United States
Arivium Inc. Support Service United States
ars Edition GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Art Ask Agency S.L. Licensing Agent Spain
Art Brand Studios Licensor United States
Art Crossover Limited Consultant Hong Kong
Art Gallery of Ontario Licensor Canada
Artestar Licensing Agent United States
Artmosphere (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Artrigger Inc. Japan
Art-Zoo Private Limited Licensor Singapore
Asembl Brands Licensing Agent Australia
ASS Altenburger Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Associated Retailers Ltd. Retailer Australia
Athesia Kalenderverlag GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Atlantyca Entertainment S.p.A. Licensing Agent Italy
Australasian Distribution Network Support Service Australia
Australian Football League Licensor Australia
Australian Toy Association Support Service Australia
Autobahn Tank & Rast GmbH Retailer, Support Service Germany
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Licensor Italy
Aytex Textil-Vertriebs GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
B & B Merchandising GmbH Support Service Germany
Ballet Makers, Incorporated (Capezio) Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Bandai America Licensee/Manufacturer United States
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Licensor Japan
Banter Toys Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Barstool Sports United States
Basic Fun Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Bavaria Media GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
BBC Studios (US) Licensor United States
BBC Worldwide (Australia) Licensor Australia
bCreative, Inc. Licensor United States
BCY Connections United States
Beano Studios Limited Licensor United Kingdom
Beanstalk Licensing Agent United States
Beanstalk (UK) Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Becker Associates, LLC Support Service United States
Beijing An-Onymous information Technology Co.,Ltd China
Beijing Dream Castle Culture Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm Support Service China
Beijing Familyout Culture Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer China
Beijing Forun Art and Culture Development Co. Ltd. Licensor China
Beijing iQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. Retailer China
Beijing Jinhang Tongbao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Beijing Modian Crowdfunding Technology Co.,Ltd China
Beijing Tennisshow Sports Development Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Beijing Xiron Books Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Belief Co., Ltd Licensing Agent Japan
BEN/Greenlight Licensing Agent United States
Benesse Corporation Licensor Japan
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. Licensor India
Benson's Trading Company Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Bentex Group, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Benton Arts Licensor United States
Berkshire Fashions Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Best Apps Support Service United States
Beth Schlansky, Inc. Licensing Agent, Consultant United States
Big Balloon Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
BIXLER Licensee/Manufacturer Canada
Black Mint Licensing Pty Ltd Australia
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Support Service Canada
Bliss House Consultant United States
Block 12 Culture Licensor China
Block Voice GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
Blue Ocean Entertainment AG Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Blue Planet Software, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Blue Sky International, LLP Licensing Agent Japan
Blue Zoo Animation Studio Licensor United Kingdom
Blues Clothing Limited Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
BN Licensing B.V. Licensing Agent Netherlands
BOA SORTE Management Inc. Licensor Japan
Boat Rocker Media (UK) Licensor United Kingdom
Bob Mackie Design Group United States
Bobcat Company Licensor United States
Boehmert & Boehmert Support Service Germany
Bonnie Marketing Strategy Licensee/Manufacturer China
Bonnier Corporation Licensor United States
Boost Collectibles B.V. Licensee/Manufacturer Netherlands
Born Licensing Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Bossa Nova Films Criacoes E. Producoes Licensor Brazil
Bowders Corporation Licensing Agent Japan
Boxine GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Boy Scouts of America Licensor, Licensor United States
Bradford Licensing, LLC Licensing Agent United States
Brainbase (VENICE) United States
Brand & Blend Licensing Agent United States
Brand Activation Consulting Licensing Agent United States
Brand Atelier Consultant United States
Brand Brilliant Consulting Licensing Agent United States
Brand Central Licensing Agent United States
Brand Fresh Management Licensing Agent United States
Brand Licensing Team Licensing Agent, Licensing Agent United States
Brand Promise Support Service, Consultant Japan
Brand Squared Licensing Agent United States
Brand3P Consultant United States
Brandar Consulting LLC Consultant United States
Brandgenuity Licensing Agent United States
Brandgenuity (UK) Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Brandora GmbH Support Service Germany
Brands 360/Tycoon 360 Licenciamentos Licensing Agent Brazil
bRAND-WARD Services Ltd United Kingdom
Brandwork (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Bravado Licensor United States
Bravo & NEW Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent South Korea
Broad Street Licensing Group Brand Licensing Agency United States
BroadTeck Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Bromelia Producoes Ltda. Licensor Brazil
BrownTrout Publishers Pty Ltd (Australia) Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Bugg Marketing Solutions Licensing Agent Australia
Bulldog Licensing Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Bulls Licensing Licensing Agent Sweden
Bullyworld GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Bundesliga International GmbH Licensor Germany
Bunkyosha Co., Ltd. Japan
Burda Magazine Holding GmbH Licensor Germany
Busterwood Support Service France
BuzzFeed Licensor United States
BVB Merchandising GmbH Licensor Germany
BVI Tourist Board Support Service United States
Byfrog Lab Publicidade Ltda. Support Service Brazil
CAA-GBG Licensing Agent Japan
CAA-GBG Germany GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
Cactus Brand Partners Ltd Consultant United Kingdom
Calendar Holdings LLC Retailer United States
Cama Coffee Inc. Taiwan
Campbell Soup Company Licensor United States
Cancer Council Australia Licensor Australia
Candlewick Press Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensor United States
Caninopolis Producoes Audiovisuais Ltda. Brazil
Capcom USA, Inc. Licensor United States
Capelli Europe GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Caprice Australia Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Captain McFinn and Friends Licensor United States
Carlin West Agency LLC Licensing Agent United States
Caroline Mickler Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Cartoon Network Licensor United States
Cartoon Network (Australia) Licensor Australia
Cartotecnica Sinigaglia Snc Italy
Casa Blanca Fashion Group Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Licensor United States
Catalyst Connect & Solve Consultant France
CBS Consumer Products Licensor United States
CC Young & Co. (London) United Kingdom
CCA and B, LLC Licensor United States
CE Europe Ltd Licensor United Kingdom
Celebrities Entertainment GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
Centa IP Australia Licensing Agent Australia
Centric Brands Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Centura Brands Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer Canada
Changes Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Character Databank, Ltd. Consultant, Support Service Japan
Chefclub France
Chelsea Football Club Licensor United Kingdom
Chengdu Vovmakers Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Chengdu Zhidu Intellectual Property Research Institute Support Service China
Chicago Importing Company Licensee/Manufacturer United States
China Brands Group Licensing Agent China
China Cultural Tourism and Creativity Licensing Agent China
China Literature Limited Licensor China
China Publishing Group Xindeco (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd. Licensor China
China Toy & Juvenile Products Association Support Service China
ChuChu TV Studios Licensor India
Chupa Chups, S.A. Unipersonal Licensor Spain
Citrin Cooperman Support Service United States
CJ E&M Corporation Licensor South Korea
CJ Global Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Clementoni GmbH Germany Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Cloudco Entertainment Licensor United States
Club Santos Laguna Licensor Mexico
CNH America LLC Licensor United States
Coca-Cola (Japan) Company Limited Licensor Japan
Collen IP Consultant United States
Commonwealth Toy & Novelty Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Comprehensive Royalty Compliance, Inc. Support Service United States
Concept One Accessories Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Conde Nast Licensor, Licensor United States
Conrad Enterprises Consultant Germany
CONSOR IP Valuation and Consulting Support Service, Consultant United States
Constellation Brands Beer Division Licensor United States
Coolabi PLC Licensor United Kingdom
Copag Da Amazonia S.A. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Coppenrath Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Licensor Germany
Copyright Promotions Europe Licensing Agent France
Copyrights Asia Limited Licensing Agent Japan
Cornwall Stodart Support Service Australia
Cosmo Merchandising Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
CostumeBox Pty Ltd Retailer Australia
Cottonwood Media Licensor France
Coty Licensee/Manufacturer United States
CounterFind, Inc. Support Service United States
CPLG Licensing Agent United Kingdom
CPLG - Copyright Promotions Licensing Group GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
CraneKahn LLC Licensing Agent United States
Crayola, LLC Licensor United States
CRAZE GmbH Licensor Germany
Creata (Germany) GmbH Support Service Germany
Creative Licensing Corporation Licensing Agent United States
Creative Rights Group, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Creazione Marcas E Patentes Ltda. Support Service Brazil
Credence Global Consulting Limited Support Service China
Credit & Financial Services Incorporated Support Service United States
Cromus Embalagens Ind. E Com Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Crown Creative Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
Curia Regis SAS Consultant France
Curlett Cannon & Galbell Pty Ltd Support Service Australia
Curtis Licensing Licensor United States
CUSERVI Global Licensing Solutions Support Service Spain
CustomInk Licensee/Manufacturer United States
D. Parks and Associates LLC Licensing Agent United States
Daiichiinsatsu Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
Daniel Advogados Support Service Brazil
Danilo Promotions Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Dannemann Siemsen Advogados Support Service Brazil
Dargaud Groupe (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Dazzling Star Culture Development Co, Ltd. Licensing Agent China
DecoPac, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
DEFACTO Retailer Turkey
Deichmann SE Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Deliso SAS Licensor France
Deloitte Japan Japan
Dependable Solutions, Inc. Support Service United States
Design International Group, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Design Plus Licensing Agent United States
Designworks Clothing Company Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Deutsche Sport Marketing GmbH Consultant Germany
DFB GmbH Licensor Germany
Dhananjai Lifestyle Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer India
DIC 2 s.r.l. Licensing Agent, Licensor Italy
Dimensional Branding Group, Div. of Bay Tek Games, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Discovery Communications Enterprises Licensor United States
Discovery Global Enterprises Licensor United Kingdom
Distra Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Dogs Can Fly Content Co. / In Brands We Trust Marketing e Distibuicao LTDA Licensing Agent Brazil
Dongguan LiOh Toys Company Ltd China
Dorna Sports S.L. Licensor Spain
Dou Weiwei Licensor China
Double Forte Support Service, Support Service United States
DQ Entertainment (International) Limited Licensor India
Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. Licensor United States
Dream Theatre Pvt Ltd Licensing Agent India
DreamEast Pictures Licensor China
DRi Licensing Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
d-rights Inc. Licensor Japan
DTC Trading Company Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Dunner Law PLLC Support Service United States
DuPont Licensor United States
Dusty Crocker Consultant United States
Ecell Global Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
E-COME Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer Japan
Edel Germany GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Edge Toy, Inc. United States
Editions Albert Rene Licensor France
Editora Dentro da Historia Ltda Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH Licensor Germany
Eightball Distribution Warenhandels GmbH Germany
EL Euro Lizenzen Licensing Agent Germany
ELC Europe Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Eleven Dragons Licensing Agent Brazil
Elf Market Support Service United States
Ella Cheong & Alan Chiu, Solicitors & Notaries Support Service Hong Kong
Ellation, Inc. Licensor United States
emoji company GmbH Licensor Germany
EMP Merchandising Handelsgesellschaft mbH Retailer Germany
Empire Apparel Trading Co. Pty Ltd Australia
Empire Multimedia Corporation Licensing Agent Philippines
Encantos United States
Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. Licensor United States
Endemol Shine Brasil Producoes Ltda Licensing Agent Brazil
Endemol Shine North America Licensor United States
ENS Global Marketing Ltd. Licensing Agent Hong Kong
Entertainment One - eOne Licensing Australia Licensor Australia
Entertainment One Ltd. Licensor United Kingdom
Entertainment One UK (Brazil) Licensor Brazil
Enzo e Partners Limited Licensing Agent Hong Kong
EP Grupo Agencia de Conteudo Support Service Brazil
Epic Rights Licensing Agent United States
Equity Creative Support Service United States
Equity Management, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Eric Carle Studio Licensor United States
Ernsting's Family Retailer Germany
Eupromotions Licensee/Manufacturer Italy
Eurogift Licensee/Manufacturer France
European and Global Licensing BV Licensor Netherlands
European Television Service Support Service Italy
Evolution USA, LLC Licensing Agent United States
Exile Content Studio United States
Expose Travel Support Service United Kingdom
Fantawild Animation Inc. Licensor China
FAO Schwarz Retailer United States
Faster Brands Ltd (Abingdon) United Kingdom
Federation Francaise de Football licensor France
Feld Entertainment Licensor United States
Ferdinand IP, LLC Support Service United States
Ferrero Deutschland GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Ferrero s.p.a. Licensor Italy
Festcolor Artigos De Festas S.A, Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
FIBA - International Basketball Federation Licensor Switzerland
Fico Licenciamento De Marcas Ltda. Licensor Brazil
Field-R Law Offices Support Service Japan
FIPO China (Shanghai) Brand Operation Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensing Agent, Licensee/Manufacturer China
Firefly Brand Management LLC Licensing Agent United States
Five Mile Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Flowhaven Support Service, Support Service Finland
Fluid World Ltd. Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Focus Brands Inc United States
Fox Rothschild LLP United States
Franckh-Kosmos Verlags GmbH & Co. KG Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Licensor United States
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz P.C. Support Service United States
Frederic Thomas USA Licensee/Manufacturer United States
FremantleMedia Australia Licensor Australia
Friess Marketing Group Consultant United States
Fromageries Bel SA Licensor France
Fujian Andun Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. Support Service China
Fujian International Exhibition & Commerce Co., Ltd. Support Service China
Fujian Putun Culture & Creative Co., Ltd. China
Fundamentally Children / Good Toy Guide Support Service United Kingdom
FUNimation Entertainment Licensing Agent United States
Funtastic Limited Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
FURYU Corporation Licensee/Manufacturer Japan
Futaba Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
g.l.a.m. GmbH & Co. KG Licensing Agent Germany
Gaia, Inc. Licensing Agent Japan
Gakken Plus Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
Games Workshop Group PLc Licensor United Kingdom
Gary Caplan, Inc. Support Service, Consultant United States
Gateley Plc Support Service United Kingdom
Gateway Licensing Support Service United States
GBG International Holdings Company Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
GDA, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Geda Labels GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, LLP Support Service United States
Gemr Support Service United States
General Motors Do Brasil Licensor Brazil
Genius Brands International Licensor United States
GennComm ImaGENNation Consultant United States
geobra Brandstaetter Stiftung & Co. KG Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
GfK UK Support Service, Consultant United Kingdom
Ginsey Home Solutions Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Global Icons, LLC Licensing Agent United States
Global Licensing, Inc. Licensing Agent, Licensing Agent United States
Global Merchandising S.L.U. Licensor Spain
Global Merchandising Services Ltd Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Globo Comunicacao E Participacoes S.A. Licensor Brazil
GLOOB - Globosat Programadora Ltda Licensing Agent Brazil
Goeller Verlag GmbH Support Service Germany
Golden Link Australia Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Goode Brand Creative & Licensing United States
Gordon Brothers Brands Consultant United States
GRAEF Rechtsanwaelte Support Service Germany
Grand Expo JCSC Support Service Russia
Grani & Partners S.p.A. Licensee/Manufacturer Italy
Graphics and More Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP Support Service United States
Green Camel Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
Green Gold Licensing and Merchandising India Pvt Ltd Licensor India
Grendene S. A. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Grumpy Cat Limited Licensor United States
Gruner + Jahr GmbH Licensor Germany
Grupo Marquente Licensor Brazil
Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Guangdong Nuopin Law Firm Support Service China
Guangdong Winsing Company Limited Licensor China
Guangzhou Art-land Human Being Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Guangzhou Boyinda Brand Management Company Limited Licensor China
Guangzhou Sea Shark Animation Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. China
Guangzhou Shuoya Trading Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer China
Guangzhou Xienen Cultural Diffusion Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
GURU Studio Licensor Canada
Habib's / Ragazzo - Platina Gestao De Negocios Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Haibara Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
Haier Cultural Industry Platform Licensor China
Hainan GIIIIK Creative Cultural Development Co. Ltd. Licensor China
Hakuhodo Inc. Support Service Japan
Hallmark Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Handmade Creative Inc. Licensor Japan
Hangzhou Kayford Branding Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer China
Hangzhou MagicMall Animation Production Co. Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer China
Harris - Sachs LLC Consultant United States
Harrogate Tipple Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Hasa Co., Ltd. Consultant Japan
Hasbro Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Hasbro China Licensor China
Hasbro Deutschland GmbH Licensor Germany
Hasbro Do Brasil Ind. E. Com. Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Hasbro, Inc., Entertainment & Licensing Division Licensor United States
Hauck (Schweiz) GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Switzerland
Haven Licensing Licensing Agent Australia
HEAD Sport GmbH Licensor Austria
Headstart International Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Healthy Lifestyle Brands, LLC Licensor United States
Hearst Global Licensing & Brand Development Licensor United States
Helmut Lingen Verlag GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Hengxin Shambala Kids (Guangzhou) Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Henry Unger & Associates Inc. Support Service United States
Heo GmbH Germany
Heunec GmbH & Co. KG Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Highlights for Children Licensor United States
Himmel und Erde e.K. Support Service Germany
Hinkler Books Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Historic Royal Palaces Enterprises Ltd. Licensor United Kingdom
hoho entertainment Ltd. Licensor United Kingdom
Holi Kids Entretenimento Eireli Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Home Box Office, Inc. Licensor United States
Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Licensor Japan
Hong Kong Trade Development Council Support Service Hong Kong
Honmoku File Co. Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
Hot Topic Inc. Retailer United States
HPH AG Licensee/Manufacturer Switzerland
Hummel Manufaktur GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
HW Fisher & Company Support Service United Kingdom
Hybrid Promotions LLC Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Hypnotic Hats, Ltd. (HYP) Licensee/Manufacturer United States
I Love Fancy Dress Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
I.M.P.S. (International Merchandising & Promotion Services) Licensor Belgium
IAM Allrights Inc. Licensing Agency South Korea
IBC - Instituto Brasileiro De Cultura Ltda./ Editora On Line Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
IBENA Textilwerke GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
iCanvas Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Iconix Brand Group - CCRB Gestao De Negocios Ltda. Licensing Agent Brazil
IconKids & Youth International Research GmbH Support Service Germany
idee+spiel Fordergemeinschaft Spielwaren Retailer, Support Service Germany
IFLScience Ltd Licensor, Licensor United Kingdom
Imagination Gaming Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Imagineer Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
IMC Licensing Agent United States
IMC Toys Deutschland GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
IMG College Licensing Licensing Agent United States
IMG GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
Impact Rock Merchandise Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Imperial War Museums Licensor United Kingdom
Imprint Licensing Company Licensing Agent United States
Industria Grafica Foroni Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Ingram Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
INK Global Licensing Agent Denmark
Innoduction Group Inc. Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer Hong Kong
Instituto Ayrton Senna Licensor Brazil
Interasia & Associates (USA), Inc. Licensing Agent, Licensing Agent United States
International Brand Consulting SAGL Licensing Agent Switzerland
IP Deutschland GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
IP Global Licensing Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
IPR Licensing Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Isaac Morris Limited Licensee/Manufacturer United States
ITV Studios Global Entertainment Licensor United Kingdom
J. Gschwandtner Import Ges.m.b.H. Licensee/Manufacturer Austria
Jada Toys, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Jain Amar Licensor India
JAKAB Solutions, Inc Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Jakks Pacific, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Jam Brands Inc. Consultant, Licensor, Licensing Agent, Licensing Agent Canada
Jandaia - Bignardi Ind. E. Com. De Papeis E Artefatos Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Jasnor Australia Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
JAST Gifts (Shenzhen) Company Limited Licensee/Manufacturer China
Jay Franco and Sons, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Jazwares GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Jazwares, LLC Licensee/Manufacturer United States
JELC Ltd. Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Jelly Belly Candy Company Licensor United States
Jerry Leigh Apparel Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Jetavana Entertainment Licensor China
Jewel Branding & Licensing, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Jimmy S.P.A. Co., Ltd. Licensor, Licensor China
Jin Art Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Jingtian & Gongcheng Support Service China
Jintan Limited Licensee/Manufacturer China
John GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Joy Toy AG Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
JPatton Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
JR Apparel WorldwideLLC DBA Members Only Licensor United States
JRL Group, Inc Licensing Agent United States
Just Funky Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Juventus Football Club Licensor Italy
JY Animation Inc. Licensing Agent China
K&P Brand Concept GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
KABOOKI A/S Licensee/Manufacturer Denmark
Kaientai Co. Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer Japan
Kaiken Kustannus Oy Licensing Agent Finland
Kakao IX Corp. Licensor South Korea
Kaspar Manufacturing Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Kasznar Leonardos Advogados Support Service Brazil
Kathy Ireland Worldwide Licensor United States
Kaufland Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG Retailer Germany
Kaufmann Neuheiten GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
KB Sales Pty Ltd trading as Australian Toy Distributors Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
keeeper GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Keystone Culture Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Kiddinx Media GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Kiddinx Studios GmbH Licensor Germany
Kids II Licensor, Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensor United States
KidsEmbrace (Van Nuys) United States
King Features Syndicate Licensing Agent United States
Kinnerton Confectionery Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Kinnerton Confectionery (Australia) Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Kinton Japon Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
Klaus Herding GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Kmart Australia Retailer Australia
Kohl's Retailer United States
Konami Cross Media NY Licensor United States
Kontoor Brands United States
Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) Support Service South Korea
KP Brand Consultancy Licensing Agent Singapore
KPMG LLP Consultant United States
KTN Dr. Neuberger GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
L.A.B. Branding and Licensing, LLC United States
La Panaderia Licensing & Marketing Consultant, Licensing Agent Mexico
Lake Press Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Landgard Service GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Landslide Entertainment Inc. Licensor Canada
Laser Pegs Ventures, LLC Licensor United States
Laticon Group United States
Laura Ashley Japan Co., G.K. Licensor, Licensor Japan
Lausen Rechtsanwaelte Support Service Germany
Le Poole Bekema Support Service Netherlands
Leader Music S.A. Licensor Argentina
Leap Year Publishing, LLC Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Leda Food (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer China
Leese Enterprises Licensee/Manufacturer Canada
Left Pocket Studio Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Legendary Pictures Licensor United States
LEGO Licensor United States
Lemon Sky Animation Sdn Bhd Licensor Malaysia
Lemur Licensing Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Leomil NV Licensee/Manufacturer Belgium
Les Fees Existent Licensing Agent France
LEVEL-5 abby Inc. Licensor United States
Leveraged Marketing Corporation of America (LMCA) Licensing Agent United States
Levine and Associates United States
License Factory GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
License Solutions Support Service Brazil
Licensing Brands, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Licensing Essentials Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Licensing For Growth Consultant France
Licensing Haus United States
Licensing International Support Service United States
Licensing International - Australia Support Service Australia
Licensing International - Brazil Support Service Brazil
Licensing International - Canada Support Service, Support Service Canada
Licensing International - China Support Service Hong Kong
Licensing International - France Support Service France
Licensing International - Germany Support Service Germany
Licensing International - India Support Service India
Licensing International - Japan Support Service Japan
Licensing International - Mexico Support Service Mexico
Licensing International - Russia Support Service, Support Service Russia
Licensing International - United Kingdom Support Service United Kingdom
Licensing Italia S.r.l. Consultant Italy
Licensing Link Europe Ltd Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Licensing Management Int'l. Licensing Agent, Licensing Agent United States
Licensing Matters Global Inc. Licensing Agent, Licensing Agent United States
Licensing Press Support Service Germany
Licensing Source Book Europe / Support Service United Kingdom
Licensing Street Licensing Agent United States
Licensing Works!® Licensing Agent United States
Lidl Hong Kong Limited Licensee/Manufacturer Hong Kong
Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG Retailer Germany
Lightbody Ventures Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
LINE Friends Corporation Licensor South Korea
Lionsgate Licensor United States
Lisa Marks Associates, Inc. (LMA) Licensing Agent United States
Lisa McGrath Licensor United States
Lisle International Licensing Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Little Red Truck Licensing Group Licensing Agent United States
Litzky Public Relations Support Service United States
LIU Post Support Service United States
Live Nation Merchandise Licensing Agent United States
Liverpool Football Club Licensor United Kingdom
Lizenzwerft GmbH Licensing Agent Germany
LoCoco Licensing, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
Lojas Riachuelo S.A. Retailer Brazil
Long Wise Inc. Limited Licensing Agent China
LOTUS Global Marketing Ltda. Licensing Agent Brazil
Lovehoney Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Luminary Group LLC Licensing Agent United States
Luna Nameplate Industries Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Luxcel- Maxlog Imp. Exp. Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Luz E Vida Licensor Brazil
M&AD Group Support Service Belgium
m4e AG Licensing Agent, Licensor Germany
Mad Engine Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Maestro License and Merchandise, LLC Licensing Agent United States
Maggie Young & Associates, Inc. Consultant United States
Magic Light Pictures Licensor United Kingdom
Making Connections, LLC Consultant United States
Mannrich E Vasconcelos Advogados Support Service Brazil
Margarete Steiff GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Markant Services International GmbH Consultant Germany
Marketing Immersion Licensing Agent United States
Marketing Licensed Products Licensee/Manufacturer France
Marquee Brands Licensor United States
Massfar Realidade Amentada / Massfar Negocios Ltda. Support Service Brazil
Mattel Do Brasil Ltda. Licensor Brazil
Mattel East Asia Limited Licensor Hong Kong
Mattel GmbH Licensor Germany
Mattel Pty Ltd Licensor Australia
Mattel, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Maui and Sons Licensor United States
Maurizio Distefano Advisory SRL Consultant, Licensing Agent Italy
MCA Corporation, dba Magic Chef Licensee/Manufacturer United States
McDonald's Deutschland LLC Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
McFarlane Toys Licensee/Manufacturer United States
McIlhenny Company Licensor United States
MDM Muenzhandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Deutsche Muenze Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
MDR Brand Management Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Medialink Entertainment Limited Licensing Agent Hong Kong
Mediatoon Licensing Licensor France
Meisenbach GmbH Support Service Germany
Meister Seelig & Fein LLP Support Service United States
Melnitsa Animation Studio, LLC Licensor Russia
Merchantwise Licensing Agent Australia
Mercis B.V. Licensing Agent United States
Meredith Corporation Licensor United States
Merrymakers, Inc. Licensor United States
Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd China
Metrostar Media Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
mf Verlag Support Service Germany
MGM Consumer Products Licensor United States
Michelin Lifestyle Limited Licensor United Kingdom
Mickey Support Service United States
Miles GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Miller Kaplan Arase LLP Support Service United States
Mills Oakley Support Service Australia
mio co., ltd. Consultant, Consultant Japan
Mitch Dowd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Mix Licensing Group United States
Mizzie the Kangaroo Australia
MJM Australia Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
MLN Research Consultant United States
MMmedia GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
MN Global Marketing Eireli Licensing Agent Brazil
MNC Licensing Licensing Agent Indonesia
Mondadori International Business SRL Licensor Italy
MONDO TV s.p.a. Licensor Italy
Moose Toys Licensor Australia
Mormaii Ind. Com. Exp. Art. Esp. Ltda. Licensor Brazil
Moulin Rouge SA Licensor Belgium
Movie Park Germany GmbH Licensor Germany
Moxie & Company, LLC Licensing Agent United States Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer China
MTV Networks SARL Licensor France
Murotani General Law Office Support Service Japan
Muse Animation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
MVI Marketing Consultant United States
Mymediabox Support Service United States GmbH Retailer, Support Service Germany
Nanjing Sajiaodexingxing Trading Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Nastrovje Potsdam GmbH & Co. KG Licensor Germany
National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) Support Service China
National Geographic Partners Licensor United States
National Palace Museum Licensor Taiwan
National Sleep Foundation Licensor United States
National Wildlife Federation Licensor United States
Natural History Museum, The Licensor United Kingdom
NBA Properties Licensor United States
NBC Universal Consumer Products France Licensor France
NDA Licensing Licensing Agent France
NECA Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Nelson Verlag GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Nelvana (Europe) Licensor France
Nelvana Enterprises Licensor Canada
Neon Brands Inc. Licensing Agent Canada
Nerd Agency Licensing Agent Ukraine
Nestler GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Nevium Intellectual Property Consultants Consultant United States
New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc. Licensing Agent United States
New Taipei City Computer Association Support Service Taiwan
Next 10 Ventures United States
NFL Players Association Licensor United States
NGB Corporation Support Service Japan
NICI GmbH Licensor Germany
Nickelodeon Licensor United States
Nickelodeon - Viacom Networks Brasil Programacao Televisa E Publicidade Licensor Brazil
Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products (Australia) Licensor Australia
Nigro Karlin Segal Feldstein & Bolno Support Service United States
Ningbo Winner Brand Management Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent China
Nintendo of America Inc. Licensor United States
Nippon Television Service Inc. Licensing Agent Japan
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
Nokia USA Inc Licensor United States
Nolan Heimann LLP Support Service United States
Nostalgic-Art Merchandising GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
npdgroup deutschland GmbH Support Service Germany
NTWRK Retailer United States
Octane5 International Support Service United States
Office Freylinger Support Service Luxembourg
Ol' Dirty Bastard Estate Licensor United States
Omikuji Atelier Co., Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer Japan
On Entertainment Licensor France
One Animation Pte Ltd Licensor Singapore
OpSec Security, Inc. Support Service United States
Orange Co. S.A. de C.V. Licensee/Manufacturer Mexico
p:os handels GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Pacific Cycle, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensor, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Pacific Imp. e Exp. Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Pacific Licensing Studio Pte Ltd. Licensing Agent Singapore
Pacific Swell Brands Licensing Agent United States
Pan Am Licensor United States
Panama Jack Licensor United States
Panini Brasil Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Panini Verlags GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Pan-Oceanic Eyewear Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Park Literary & Media Licensing Agent United States
Partners Travel Management, Inc. Support Service United States
PBS Licensor United States
PCO Group GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Pea&Promoplast Italy
Peanuts Worldwide, LLC Licensor United States
Pearl Studio Licensor China
Peduti Sociedade De Advogados Support Service Brazil
Peeko Licensor United States
Peiyork International Co., Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Penguin Random House Australia Licensor Australia
Penguin Random House UK Licensor United Kingdom
Penn State University Licensor United States
Perk Consulting Consultant United States
Personal Touch Licensor Japan
Person's Design Studio Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
PEZ International GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Austria
Phoenix International Publications Germany GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Ping Solutions S. de R.L de C.V Licensee/Manufacturer Mexico
Pink Key Licensing Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Piticas FranQueadora Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Planet Fun Licensee/Manufacturer New Zealand
Planeta Junior S.L. Licensor Spain
Plasduran Office Ind. De Plasticos Ltda EPP. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Platsutil Ind E Com de Plasticos Ltda. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Play Pesquisa E Conteudo Intelegente Ltda. Support Service Brazil
Playlife Company Licensing Agent United States
Playmates Toys Licensee/Manufacturer United States Licensor United States
Polaroid Licensor United States
Pollard Banknote Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer Canada
Polyblank Designs Ltd. United Kingdom
Portinari Licenciamentos Licensor Brazil
Positive Direction Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Pottick Law Support Service United States
PowerStation Studios Support Service United Kingdom
PPW Sports & Entertainment (HK) Ltd. Licensing Agent Hong Kong
Prager Metis CPAs, LLC Support Service United States
Precious Creative Co. Licensor, Licensor United States
Precious Moments, Inc. Licensor United States
Princess Sam Pictures France
Princeton University Trademark Licensing Licensor United States
Project Partners Network, LLC Support Service United States
Promolab Co., Ltd. Licensor Japan
Promotion Pets GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Propaganda GEM Consultant United States
Property Co., Ltd. Licensing Agent Japan
ProSiebenSat.1 Licensing A division of SevenOne AdFactory GmbH Licensor Germany
Protype Germany GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Prowerful Licensing Agent Brazil
PTC, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Pukeko Pictures Licensor New Zealand
Pullman Licensing Licensing Agent Russia
Pummeleinhorn GmbH Licensor, Licensor Germany
Pump Push Creative Co. Ltd. Licensing Agent China
PVH Corp. Licensor United States
Pyramid International Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Qantas Airways Limited Licensor Australia
Quantitude Support Service France
Rainbow JiaYang Animation Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Rainbow Productions Support Service United Kingdom
Rainbow S.r.l. Licensor Italy
Ralph Lauren Corp. Licensor United States
Ranir LLC Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Raugust Communications Support Service United States
Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
Rayway Brand Management Co., Ltd. Support Service China
rbb media GmbH Germany
Real GmbH Support Service, Retailer Germany
Redan Publishing Ltd. Licensee/Manufacturer United Kingdom
Redbubble, Inc. Support Service United States
Redibra Licensing Agent Brazil
Redpea Licensor China
Regina Festas - Regina Ind. E. Com S.A Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Retail Assistance Support Service United States
Retail Monster, LLC Licensing Agent United States
Revell GmbH Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer Germany
REWE Group Buying GmbH Retailer Germany
RI Happy Brinquedos S.A. Retailer Brazil
Richmond Management Group Consultant United States
Riclan S.A. Licensee/Manufacturer Brazil
Rights & Brands Japan Licensor Japan
Ripley Entertainment Licensor United States
Ripple Junction Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Ripple Junction Design Co, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
ROBIC, LLP Support Service Canada
Rocket Licensing Limited Licensing Agent United Kingdom
Rovio (Shanghai) Commerce & Trading Co., Ltd. Licensor China
Rovio Entertainment Corporation Licensor Finland
RoyaltyPros Licensing Licensing Agent United States
RoyaltyZone Support Service United States
RSG Media Systems Support Service United States
RTL2 Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG Licensor Germany
Rubie's Costume Co., Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer, Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Rubies Deerfield Pty Ltd Licensee/Manufacturer Australia
Sagoo SAS Licensing Agent France
SAHINLER SAS Licensee/Manufacturer France
Sakar International, Inc. Licensee/Manufacturer United States
Salesone LLC United States
Salmo 91 - J.R. Rodrigues Variedades Ltda. Licensor Brazil