Marketing Manager

Creative Director


Job Location

New York, United States

Type of Employment

Full Time

About the Company

CultureFly is home to a team of pop culture fanatics who strive to create amazing and original products for hardcore and casual fans alike. At CultureFly, pop culture is more than a passing fad. Pop culture is a way of living, a way of communicating, and a way to bring a community together where there is never a right or wrong way of expressing yourself. We take pride in developing unique, fun, and functional items that incorporate our love of all things retro, cartoon, comic, and more. CultureFly is the team behind the scenes responsible for Pusheen Box, The Nick Box, World's Finest: The Collection, Supernatural Box, and more.

Job Description

Do you have a passion for pop culture? Do you binge watch the latest Netflix series in one sitting? Are Sunday nights reserved for Game of Thrones? Are your bookcases filled with collectible vinyl figures? Then CultureFly might be the place for you! Come join the swarm! CultureFly is a growing licensed accessory company that specializes in direct-to-customer pop culture subscription boxes. Our marketing team oversees all aspects from websites to social media. The Marketing Manager is an integral part of CultureFly's in-house team, responsible for overseeing our marketing department to drive e-commerce sales for multiple licensed direct-to-consumer boxes across multiple properties and target audiences.

Job Responsibilities

  • Drive e-commerce sales across multiple properties and target audiences.
  • Oversee creation and delivery of graphics, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  • Communicate with key licensees and business partners and coordinate efforts between parties.
  • Manage paid media campaigns, including social, web and display.
  • Deliver and report on sales, product, and campaign performance.
  • Provide guidance on social media strategies and tactics.
  • Oversee promotional email schedule and audience segmentation.
  • Devise marketing plans and launch strategies for new properties and products.
  • Test new ideas and strategies as needed.
  • Lead and motivate a marketing team that will develop and execute new concepts to increase sales and grow the company.

Job Requirements

  • Experience with e-commerce marketing and management tools, specifically Shopify.
  • Knowledge of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Email marketing knowledge.
  • Experience managing social media strategies and increasing the social media footprint of organizations and brands.
  • Ability to set appropriate goals with effective project management.
  • Appreciation of business and data analysis.
  • Flexibility, versatility and adaptability, able to juggle multiple projects.
  • Experience with subscription-based products and/or services a plus.
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, communications, or related fields
  • 5+ years of experience.

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