2024 Hall of Fame Inductee


MACA ROTTER, President & CEO, La Panadería Licensing & Marketing / Arena Esports

Maca Rotter has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, branding, and licensing. Often referred to as the Queen of Licensing in Mexico, she has achieved great success in founding, developing, and expanding domestic and international markets by implementing innovative and strategic approaches.

Maca has demonstrated strength in wholesale and retail distribution strategies, as well as extensive expertise in business turnarounds within highly competitive markets, particularly in underdeveloped ones. She excels in developing highly motivated teams and many members of her founding team now hold top positions in licensing, from Warner Bros. to Netflix to Paramount.

To establish a legacy and set a standard in the industry for the Hispanic community, Rotter authored the first and only Spanish-language book about consumer products structure and business models in 2014. The second edition was released in 2017 when she and Jessica Juseppe, her partner of 20 years, founded La Panadería.

Maca served as the first Latin woman on Licensing International’s Board of Directors and founded the Licensing Association chapter in Mexico. She has served as an expert speaker and consultant in the U.S., Hong Kong, Korea, Spain, France, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

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