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Scholarship Eligibility & Qualifications

The Licensing International Scholarship Program awards grants between $2,500 and $10,000 (or local equivalent) to deserving individuals who are interested in a career in brand licensing seeking education in business, e-commerce, marketing, design, engineering, entrepreneurial studies and other brand licensing industry-related programs.



Applicants must be majoring, planning to declare a major, or pursuing studies in business, marketing, design, engineering, e-commerce, entrepreneurial studies and other brand licensing industry-related programs and have an overall GPA of 3.2 / B /87 or better (or local equivalent).

Applicants must write a 600 word essay on the Biggest Licensing Story of 2023 and why. 

Reference Letters

Applicants must provide two Letters of Recommendation as part of their application. The first must be from a faculty member from the applicant’s current institution (i.e., someone from whom the applicant has taken a class and can comment on coursework or the applicant’s academic adviser). The second Letter of Recommendation must be from the applicant’s supervisor for a job, internship or volunteer activity, the applicant’s athletic coach, the academic adviser of an extracurricular activity in which the applicant participated, chairperson/head of the applicant’s academic organization or a relevant representative of the student body government or the instructor from an outside class or course the applicant has taken. PDF format is preferred. Some recommenders prefer to send their letters directly to the organization. They can attach their letters to an email to and identify the student and their connection to the student in the body of the email.

Confirmation of Acceptance

Each recipient must provide the Licensing International Scholarship Committee with written confirmation of acceptance into an approved program no later than December 31, 2023. Scholarship funds, under confirmation of acceptance, will be sent directly to the educational institution. Funds can be used for 2023 or 2024 expenses.

Active Participation in Licensing International

Scholarship recipients automatically receive a complimentary one-year membership in Licensing International – and are viewed as the organization’s ambassadors. Participation can take many forms including, but not limited to, committee membership, writing articles for various publications, serving as event volunteers, bringing nonmember friends to events, and spreading the word about our events and recruiting new members on campus and among friends.

Change of Status

Recipients are required to notify the Licensing International Scholarship Committee in writing of any changes of school or home address and other contact information, enrollment status, or other relevant information.

Interruption of Studies

A recipient may request that the award be held if the student’s studies are interrupted by prolonged illness, an accident or other extenuating circumstances (to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis). Any such interruption must be documented in writing and reported promptly to the Licensing International Scholarship Committee for approval. It is the student’s responsibility to notify these same individuals of intent to resume study so that arrangements can be made for reinstatement of the award. If the interruption is medical, it must be documented in writing by a physician.

Scholarship Renewal

Renewal is not automatic. Past recipients are eligible to reapply but cannot receive the same named scholarship more than once or more than two scholarships total through Licensing International.

Photo Release

Recipients must authorize Licensing International to use photographs of them and an approved bio in promotional materials, including web materials.

Selection Process

Recipients are chosen by the Licensing International Scholarship Committee on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, participation in school and community-service activities, honors and other awards or recognition, work experience, and statement of goals and aspirations. Need and unusual personal and/or family circumstances are also considered. The process is very rigorous.  Students will be required to fill out an application (with an essay and other material). Top candidates will be interviewed.

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