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44 Cats Grows in US image

44 Cats Grows in US

New Licensed Product and U.S. Streaming Options for the cat-tastic brand

44 Cats, produced by Rainbow Group, after having already scored Bandai, Harper Collins, Franco, Sakar, and Accessory Innovations among their licensees, now expands the licensing program with Forever Clever, for games and novelty toys in the USA and Canada. The license was brokered by The Joester Loria Group and Branding Streams for the USA and Canada. The Forever Clever product range will include action games, board games, card games, memory games along with novelty toys and play tents.

Forever Clever joins an expanding licensing program that includes category leader licensees. Launched the end of March, HarperCollins released two new titles; 44 Cats: Meet the Cats and 44 Cats: Cats Rock! at Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

Kicking off May 1, 2020, the 1st season of 44 Cats is now available on Netflix.

The series, which debuted in November 2018, is enjoying tremendous popularity worldwide. In the US, 44 Cats premiered on Nickelodeon in June 2019. In March 2020, a second season of the show premiered in Italy and the show will land on free to air broadcasters later this year worldwide.

The 52 x 13’ series is an explosive mix of music and cuteness that deals with edutainment themes such as tolerance, diversity and altruism, combining positive values, action and comedy in a sophisticated CGI production. The show, which appeals to preschoolers and children aged 4-7, follows the adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Meatball – four adorable kittens who are part of a music band named The Buffycats – helping others and always finding creative solutions to everyday hitches.

The licensing programs are managed by licensing agents, The Joester Loria Group in the United States and Branding Streams in Canada.



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