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C4 Energy Drink Licenses Millions Candy Brand image

C4 Energy Drink Licenses Millions Candy Brand

The Golden Casket Group’s Millions tiny tasty chewy sweets partnered with energy drink supplier C4 Energy to launch two of the candy brand’s best-selling flavors – Bubblegum and Strawberry.

The agreement, brokered by Blonde Sheep Licensing, combines the best of taste and performance.

As part of this exciting collaboration, the iconic C4 Performance Energy® drink will be infused with the irresistible flavours of Millions sweets.  Each flavor offers a distinctive nostalgic taste profile that will transport customers back to their childhood whilst fueling their routine, in and out of the gym.   Products launch this month.

C4 Energy is a globally recognized brand dedicated to providing high-quality mental and performance energy designed to fuel athletes, fitness enthusiasts and active lifestyles. With a commitment to innovation, C4 Energy’s products are backed by science, making them a top choice for those aiming to reach their goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with Millions to bring an entirely new level of flavor

innovation to our loyal customers as well as attracting new consumers to the C4 Energy brand who perhaps remember Millions from growing up,” commented Paul Coppin. C4 Energy’s- marketing director for Europe). “With this collaboration, we aim to redefine the energy drinks market by offering a unique and enjoyable experience that complements our consumers active lifestyles, whether that be in or out of the gym.”

” The partnership with C4 Energy expands Millions presence in the nutritional supplements and energy category,” commented Natasha Dyson, founder & CEO, Blonde Sheep Licensing. “We can’t wait to see how this collaboration inspires and energises individuals on their fitness goals.”

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