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Alibaba Forms Anticounterfeiting Council image

Alibaba Forms Anticounterfeiting Council

Alibaba, in a further deepening of efforts to crack down on the sales of counterfeit products on its e-commerce platforms, forms a 20-member brand alliance designed to foster sharing of data and technical support. The Alibaba Big Data Anticounterfeting Alliance includes, among others, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Swarovski, Mars and Huawei as members and aims to “promote a safe and healthy global e-commerce ecosystem where brands are protected from IP pirates,” Alibaba said in a statement. Under the agreement, Alibaba, whose Taobao platform has been criticized for allowing the sales of counterfeit goods, will provide leads to the brands and law enforcement for investigations and prosecutions. Alibaba recently revealed it was taking legal action against merchants selling counterfeit Swarovski watches on Taobao. The forming of the alliance follows Alibaba’s return to the U.S. government’s list of counterfeit platforms after a 4-year absence.

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