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BlackMilk Clothing to Release DUNGEONS & DRAGONS™ Collection image

BlackMilk Clothing to Release DUNGEONS & DRAGONS™ Collection

Fans of the world’s greatest role playing game will be able to celebrate its 50th anniversary with new gear from BlackMilk’s first DUNGEONS & DRAGONS collection.

Under license by leading toy and game company Hasbro and its Wizards of the Coast division, customers will be able to dress for an adventure in iconic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS motifs, such as the famous dragon ampersand, dungeon maps and, of course, dice. Those who like to dabble in danger will love designs featuring displacer beasts, red dragons, mimics, mind flayer parasites and more – including an exclusive-to-BlackMilk print featuring 40 different monsters in a D20 pattern. The ever-important role of the Dungeon Master is recognised in a stand-out design on an embroidered, oversized bomber jacket, while those who are looking for a more subtle way to show their love for the game will enjoy prints inspired by the Harpers and a specially created flocked fabric featuring D&D iconography. 

Since its inception 50 years ago, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS has cemented its legacy as a leader of imaginative play. With DUNGEONS & DRAGONS being one of the most highly requested collaborations by BlackMilk’s customer community, the limited-edition collection is expected to be a critical success!

The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS collection will be available for purchase 7am (AEST) 9 April exclusively at

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