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Born Licensing Celebrates 10 Years by Announcing Born to License image

Born Licensing Celebrates 10 Years by Announcing Born to License

Licensing agent Born Licensing has launched of a new business called Born to License.

The firm, best known for delivering incremental revenue to the licensing industry through deals in the licensed advertising category, has made the announcement as part of its 10-year anniversary celebrations.

Born to License will focus on expanding the company’s services beyond the advertising category. The new area will see companies with an ambition to enter the licensing space hire Born to License to manage the licensing process from start to finish on their behalf.

David Born, Founder and CEO of Born Licensing, comments, “Over the last decade our profile has grown significantly and as a result we are contacted regularly by companies all over the world that need our help with licensing. We’ve turned hundreds of companies away because they didn’t meet our criteria. With Born to License’s flexible business model, we’ll no longer have to leave these businesses to navigate the licensing world on their own.”

The firm’s services will include providing guidance around the most suitable licenses for their client’s products, pitching for licenses and negotiating licensing deals, managing the approvals process and being responsible for all other aspects of the licensing process.

Amber Cheung, Senior Licensing Executive of Born Licensing, comments, “We have become experts at managing licensed programs for advertising agencies and brands that have little licensing experience, no relationships in the licensing industry and insufficient resource to do it themselves. We’ve taken that experience and built a business that will allow us to provide the best service to any company that needs support in the licensing space.”

The launch of Born to License is expected to make the licensing process easier for both Licensors and Licensees, as their service will absorb most of the challenges that arise from a company entering the licensing space with limited experience and resources.

Born comments, “I started my licensing career working with a lot of FMCG companies that were new to licensing, and I developed a strong passion for helping ensure that their entry into the licensing space was a successful one. I’ve always considered myself a champion of how powerful licensing can be for those that are yet to experience it, and Born to License will allow me to build on that.”

Born to License has already signed a number of Client’s onto its platform, with the first product to launch shortly.

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