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Camilla d’Errico Partners with PacBlue Printing image

Camilla d’Errico Partners with PacBlue Printing

Vancouver, BC, January 24, 2011 — Vancouver’s leading art lady, Camilla d’Errico, announced today that she has inked a “preferred partnership” agreement with PacBlue Printing, Vancouver’s premier small, large and grand format printing company.

Camilla has been building a global following, promoting and selling her art online, at exhibitions, conventions and various events. Clearly the quality of displays, banners, promotional material, and all visual representations of her art need to be eye-catching and high quality. Her partnership with PacBlue printing will ensure that all promotional and printed material will be of the highest quality available.
“This is so much more than just a printing agreement,” says Camilla, “I’m working with PacBlue on a variety of business, art and even e-commerce solutions. Their service, products and quality are top notch and I’m looking forward to pushing some boundaries with what we’ll be doing.”
Camilla also works with PacBlue Printing on her fine art needs such as archiving images thanks to PacBlue’s Cruse Scanner and printing her limited edition prints, for example Canadian Tiger and Zebramilk. “Thanks to the quality of the paper, the saturation of the colors, and the image being so true to the original painting, these prints are highly talked about amongst Camilla’s collectors and fans”, says AdaPia d’Errico, Managing Director of d’Errico Studios Ltd., “We get emails and comments from buyers that are absolutely thrilled”.
The d’Errico-PacBlue partnership will bring many new opportunities for both parties, and Camilla will have even more avenues to express her creativity with this highly proactive and innovative company. As a taste of things to come, an upcoming new product in development with PacBlue is a limited edition series of lightboxes with changeable transparencies of Camilla’s art.
About Camilla:
Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla lives the double life of comic artist, character creator and painter. She has expanded her art into vinyl toys, plush, fashion, accessories, stationery and other merchandise. Camilla resides in Vancouver, BC, where she paints and draws comics, and more recently has been working with entertainment companies on feature films and videogames. She has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette. Thanks to her relentless energy, dedication, and just enough sleep deprivation, she has followed her dream of successfully working creatively for a living.
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About PacBlue Printing:
Founded in 1950 PacBlue Printing is recognized as one of the leading printing companies in Vancouver, British Columbia. Built on a background in reprographics and digital reproduction, PacBlue has mastered the ability to deliver a crisp image in beautiful colour on just any kind of substrate. Thanks to its premier product mix PacBlue has become the printer of choice for top BC based Canadian and North American companies. PacBlue offers different types of printing solutions including business cards, marketing collateral, point of purchase, construction hoarding, trade show displays, retail signage, vinyl graphics, posters, banners, reprographics, art reproduction and much more. Vancouver based and family owned PacBlue Printing is recognized for its commitment to preserving the environment and a member of IRGA, SGIA, ICSC and is FSC certified.
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For more information, contact:
AdaPia d’Errico
d’Errico Studios Ltd.
Nicolas Slobinsky
PacBlue Printing

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