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Camilla d'Errico Teams with MTV image

Camilla d'Errico Teams with MTV

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 09, 2011 – Pop Surrealism Artist and Character Creator Camilla d’Errico is releasing her series, Tanpopo, on the MTV channel, MTV Geek over the course of the next 18 months, the 10-books series (currently in creation) will air in weekly chapters on the MTV Geek! site.
“We kicked the launch off with a Tanpopo themed site design, a contest giveaway that includes my new limited edition vinyl toy – Blueberry GID Kuro”, says the artist enthusiastically. “I’m so excited that MTV would want to publish Tanpopo. It’s like supercharging my little passion project! I would love nothing more than for more young people to read literature.”
The in depth interview and contest is currently running on the MTV Geek site: click here. Viewers can enjoy reading Tanpopo on a weekly basis and can find background information about the story, the characters and plot at the official Tanpopo and Kuro website,
If you would like more information about any of the items above, or to schedule and interview with Camilla about her work, please contact us using the email address below.
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