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Chinese Media Magnates to Address Delegates at the Children’s Global Media Summit


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A host of business leaders from the Chinese tech, media and culture industries have joined the line-up of speakers at the Children’s Global Media Summit to be held in Manchester, UK.
Speakers from China attending the Summit are Nong Yuan, executive film producer and former manager of Jackie Chan; Shaowei Chen, Executive Tech Lead, NetDragon Websoft; Shurong Zhang, Director of Beijing International Music Festival; and Xiaoqiu Zhong, founder and CEO of UYoung Media Group.
In Xiaoqiu’s 17 years at the helm of UYoung, the company has worked with Mattel on its action series Battle Claw, supplied animation content to Disney Junior and Netflix, and become one of the country’s leading children’s content providers with a 60% market share,
Xiaoqui will take part in Summit panel session ‘Ca$hing In on the Kids’, with panellists addressing why children are one of the most lucrative market and what new ethical, legal and creative challenges will arise as the industry continues to evolve. The session will be hosted by Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Worldwide.
Xiaoqui said: “Great changes have taken place in China’s media and entertainment industry in the past five years. The upgrading of the Chinese people’s consumption and the rapid development of internet are transforming the media consumption habits of the Chinese audience as well as the industry. I look forward to sharing my experience and insight with partners all over the world.”
Nong Yuan managed Jackie Chan’s career from 1996 to 2013 and the careers of many other film directors and artists. She serves as a director on the Beijing Film Academy board and currently manages Jackie’s young apprentices.
Nong will join the Summit as part of ‘The Teenage Years’ panel, which will examine how to push the boundaries and create content that cuts through and helps teenagers to learn about themselves and the world.
Shaowei Chen is a tech specialist renowned for domain driven design, AI, database engine design and live streaming, as well as a leading researcher in VR and robot IoT.
As Executive Tech Lead at NetDragon Websoft, which develops and operates multi-player online games, Shaowei has operated a host of successful online games including Dungeon Keeper, Super Robot Wars and TouMingZhuang Online.
He will join panel session ‘If You’re Not Paying, You’re The Product’, exploring whether it’s possible to create safe online spaces for kids around the globe and what the commercial realities are surrounding this.
Shurong Zhang is a leading figure in the Chinese entertainment industry, as Chair of the National Association of Chinese Musicians, former Head of Beijing Music Radio and Head of Production for the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2018.
Shurong will take part in the Summit panel session ‘Is That Entertainment?’, examining the brands that are changing the landscape of children’s entertainment, and how traditional commissioning models might evolve.
Curated by the BBC and taking place in Manchester from 5-7 December, the Summit’s vision is to redesign the future of media for ‘Generation U’.
These are future generations for whom the digital world will be without limits or end, an unlimited resource with unlimited possibilities for the unlimited generation.
The five themes of the Summit programme are education, empowerment, entertainment, innovation and freedom.
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