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Crayola Helps Parents Raise Positive and Creatively Curious Children with Special Edition “Colors of Kindness” Crayon Box image

Crayola Helps Parents Raise Positive and Creatively Curious Children with Special Edition “Colors of Kindness” Crayon Box

Las Vegas, NV (May 24, 2022) – Crayola, a leader in the Craft, Art, and Stationery segment loved by children and trusted by Moms and Educators, delivers on their ongoing commitment to spark imagination with Colors of Kindness, a special edition crayon box that spreads kindness and self-reliance through creativity. The all-new program, born from the classic Crayola Crayons color packs, represents Crayola’s mission to help parents and teachers raise creatively alive children that are in touch with their emotions.

To make Colors of Kindness a reality that will have a long-lasting impact on children across the globe, Crayola is exhibiting at Licensing Expo, the world’s largest licensing trade show, to lock-down licensee and retail partners that will aid in the manufacture and sale of licensed product complimenting the core Crayola line. The event is taking place from May 24-26 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, convening the $292 billion global licensing industry for three days of IP discovery and deal-making and thus providing an essential platform for brands, such as Crayola, to bring new products and ideas to life.

In a recent Crayola insights study, parents listed the most important attributes they wish their children to embody as Kindness (80%)Self-Confidence (71%)Independence (68%)Ability to Bounce Back (63%), and Gets Along with Others (59%). Colors of Kindness is designed to deliver on the survey’s findings by amplifying the most sought-after characteristics parents want to instill in their kids and providing a creative outlet for children to understand these emotions and learn how to nurture these key traits.

Each Colors of Kindness box contains 24 Crayola Crayons. Four colors are brand new to Crayola and the remaining 20 are classic Crayola colors renamed with inspirational phrases encouraging kids to express kindness and empathy. Each color tone is assigned a specific positive message, including Go with the Flow, Kind to the Core, and Life is Gouda.

“Parents want their children to grow, learn, and find their passions. At Crayola, we celebrate the colorful originality of every child. We believe creativity is a catalyst for independent curiosity and helps one get in touch with their true emotions,” April Heeren, GM of Outbound Licensing at Crayola. “We could not be more excited to announce Colors of Kindness, which is intentionally designed to amplify the conversation around positive self-talk and help parents and teachers raise creatively alive kids that know how to lead with positive intention.”

Color Sayings & Colors:

  • Go with the Flow (Color: Salmon)
  • A Slice of Nice (Color: Melon)
  • Life is Gouda (Color: Macaroni & Cheese)
  • Warm & Fuzzy (Color: Peach)
  • You’re so A-Peel-Ing (Color: Banana Mania)
  • Hello Sunshine (Color: Crayellow)
  • Keep Moving Forward (Color: Inchworm)
  • Kind to the Core (Color: Granny Smith Apple)
  • Lucky to Know You (Color: Shamrock)
  • Ride the Waves (Color: Caribbean Green)
  • Seas the Day (Color: Seagreen)
  • A Warm Hug (Color: Oatmeal)
  • Peace of Mind (Color: Cool Mint)
  • Spread Your Wings (Color Robin’s Egg Blue)
  • Breathe Deep (Color: Turquoise Blue)
  • Always Brave (Color: Cadet Blue)
  • Sky’s the Limit (Color: Powder Blue)
  • Spring into Action (Color: Periwinkle)
  • Rise Above (Color: Purple Mountains’ Majesty)
  • Best Buddies (Color: Wisteria)
  • Nurture Nature (Color: Orchid)
  • Be Sweet to Each Other (Color: Cotton Candy)
  • Have a Scoop of Fun! (Color: Pink Sherbert)
  • Heart to Heart (Color: Mauvelous)

“Helping people better engage with brands in a more meaningful and intentional way is why I love the licensing industry, whether that be leveraging the values and reach of a brand to bring joy, entertainment, or education to people that bring their favorite characters or stories to life,” said Anna Knight, SVP of the Global Licensing Group, organizers of Licensing Expo.

Knight continued, “Color of Kindness personifies the immense power licensing has to make a significant societal change. Crayola leveraged its globally recognized name to bring a smart, immersive approach to deliver on parents’ wishes to raise children that embody positive attributes such as kindness and positive intention. We are honored Crayola is exhibiting at Licensing Expo this week and is using our event to turn an idea into an awe-inspiring and world-changing product.”

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About Crayola:
Crayola LLC, based in Easton, Pa., and a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Incorporated, is the worldwide leader in children’s creative expression products. Known for the iconic Crayola Crayon first introduced in 1903, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities and creativity toys that offer children innovative new ways to use color to create everything imaginable. Consumers can find the wide array of Crayola products in the “Crayola Aisle” at all major retailers. For more information visit or join the community at

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Launched in 1980, Licensing Expo is the world’s largest and most influential annual tradeshow dedicated to licensing and brand extension. Every year, more than 5,000 brands and 16,000 retailers, licensees, manufacturers, distributors, and licensing agents attend Licensing Expo from more than 70 countries. Licensing Expo is a part of the Global Licensing Group at Informa Markets, the licensing industry’s leading tradeshow organizer and media partner. Its mission is to provide licensing opportunities around the world by bringing brands and products together.

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