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Data Reveals the Streaming Platforms Americans Want to Delete – And It’s Not Good News for YouTube TV  image

Data Reveals the Streaming Platforms Americans Want to Delete – And It’s Not Good News for YouTube TV 

A new study has unveiled the video streaming platforms that Americans are most eager to part ways with

The data singles out YouTube TV as the most unpopular service, with the platform gaining nearly 35,500 monthly searches on how to cancel accounts

Following behind is Netflix, whose price increases in 2023 upset users, prompting over 10,000 monthly searches related to terminating accounts

A new study has revealed the streaming platforms that Americans are looking to get rid of, and it’s not good news for YouTube TV and Netflix.

Despite recent news that the company gained 13.1 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2023, Netflix managed to take the second spot in the study as the platform users most want to delete accounts to.

In the current landscape of streaming services, there is an increase in discontent amongst platform users. The multitude of platforms available has given rise to intense competition, with services battling to keep customers. Consequently, there has been an expansion in the types of content available, as streaming companies strategically diversify the choice of movies and shows to reach broader audiences.

The study, conducted by leading QR code creators QR Code Generator Hub, looked at search volumes in the US using Google Keyword Planner to discover which service users most want to delete. The data was based on the combined average monthly volume for search terms such as ‘how to unsubscribe from X’ and ‘delete account X’, used by people seeking to delete or unsubscribe from each streaming platform.

It turns out, YouTube TV claims the top spot as the streaming service users are searching how to delete most. The platform garners around 35,494 monthly searches on how to terminate accounts, holding the number one position across every state. The platform costs a hefty $72.99 a month, although first-time users can get a deal for $52.99 for the first three months.

Netflix secures the second position in terms of unpopularity, with a nationwide total of 10,160 monthly searches on how to unsubscribe. Last year, users saw a price jump for basic and premium plans, costing them up to $36 extra a year, subsequently triggering a rise in unsubscribe searches. The company also introduced anti-password sharing measures, meaning accounts could no longer be used outside of one household.

In third spot, Hulu records the third-highest number of ‘unsubscribe’-related searches, with an average of 5,350 monthly queries. By 2022, the platform boasted approximately 42.8 million users globally, an impressive figure considering its limited availability worldwide. However, American consumers clearly are finding issue with the service.

Following closely, Crunchyroll claims the fourth position. Despite having over 5 million paying subscribers, the platform faces discontent from users, evidenced by the 5,150 monthly searches dedicated to canceling accounts.

Finally, the fifth least favorite platform is Disney+. With an average of 3,557 monthly searches aimed at terminating accounts, the service has been encountering challenges in retaining subscribers, even having lost 11.6 million subscriptions worldwide by the end of 2023. Last October, prices were raised $30 for annual subscriptions, now costing $139.44 per year. Monthly subscriptions were also priced up to $13.99 for the service without ads, a huge $3 increase.

Speaking on the findings, Jonathan Palley from QR Code Generator Hub said “Our QR Codes are often used in TV content, which is why at QR Code Generator Hub we track the evolving TV and streaming landscape closely. The initial attraction of streaming platforms, promising limitless access to an array of content, has given way to a growing trend where users are actively reconsidering subscriptions.

“Features such as the introduction of ads on paid accounts and regular price rises for premium subscriptions have led to many customers deciding to cancel their accounts. These findings offer an interesting insight into which streaming services are losing the most customers, with YouTube TV taking the top spot.

“Users who were initially drawn to streaming during the pandemic, now find a renewed interest in the allure of movie theaters since their reopening. In response to this evolving dynamic, subscribers are reevaluating their priorities, gravitating towards only the platforms that deliver the most exciting content at a justifiable price point.”

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