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Delivering Good Launches Effort to Support Victims of Maui Wildfire image

Delivering Good Launches Effort to Support Victims of Maui Wildfire

New York – Delivering Good, a 501c(3) organization located in New York City with 38 years of experience providing people impacted by poverty, disaster, and other tragedy with new merchandise donated by retailers and manufacturers is preparing a response to support victims of the wildfire that has devastated parts of Maui.

“Delivering Good provides companies with a simple way to connect their generosity with those who are dealing with tremendous loss right now. With our long history of responding to disasters in places like Haiti, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, and throughout the continental US, Delivering Good has developed the expertise to provide support for individuals and families in times of crisis,” said Matthew Fasciano, Delivering Good, President & CEO. “We know how to work with the right partners, to get the right supplies, to the right place when they are most needed.”

Delivering Good is ramping up our operations to ensure we are ready to act as soon as the situation in Maui stabilizes. Our team is working to identify the best partners to help us get and distribute donated merchandise on the ground in Maui as soon as possible.

While the situation is still in flux with many areas either unreachable or with restricted access due to emergency rescue efforts, our experience has shown that essentials like underwear, socks, t-shirts, children’s clothing, diapers, and baby wipes are some of the items that are most needed during the early recovery period.

Delivering Good is currently accepting donations of new merchandise and funds to support our relief efforts.

  • Financial gifts are critically needed to ensure we have the resources to get available merchandise from where it is to where it is needed and the ability to purchase select high-need items that may be in short supply. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and can be made here!/donation/checkout.
  • Companies with merchandise to donate should contact our Product Procurement department at Our team can accept your donation and facilitate the transport of it to where it is needed on Maui.

Recovery from this fire is likely to be a long-term process for those who have lost so much. As in the past, Delivering Good will continue to provide support for families and individuals as long as it is needed.

For more information about Delivering Good visit,

About Delivering Good
Delivering Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides people impacted by poverty and tragedy with new merchandise donated by retailers and manufacturers. Since 1985, Delivering Good has distributed over $3 billion of new clothing, home goods, toys, furniture, books, and other consumer products through its network of more than 800 community partners, offering hope, dignity and self-esteem to at-risk children, families, and individuals. By uniting retailers, manufacturers, foundations, and individuals, Delivering Good strives to help create a more equitable world where children, adults and families facing economic, medical, social, and environmental challenges have useful items needed to overcome adversity and achieve their full potential. For more information about Delivering Good, please visit or follow @DeliveringGood on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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