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Dumbgood Kicks Off the New Year with New Paul Frank Collection image

Dumbgood Kicks Off the New Year with New Paul Frank Collection

Dumbgood, the premiere lifestyle brand specializing in elevated and unique licensed products from Bioworld, released its brand new collection inspired by the works of famous renowned artist Paul Frank. Any fan of his vibrant character, Julius The Monkey, or just a fan of monkeys, in general, will want to get any newly released apparel and accessories available on the Dumbgood site.

Since the debut of the playful primate in the mid-’90s, Julius has been a fan favorite on all types of clothing, accessories, stationary, and more. The new collection has a variety of stylish and contemporary product selections, including hats, tees, hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, crossbody bags, and an elegant coin purse. The pricing for this merchandise exclusive to Dumbgood ranges from $24 – $120, and the high quality makes each one a must-have for passionate fashion enthusiasts.

The embroidered logo of Julius on all the products is designed to be colorful, fashionable, and modern for the everyday trendsetter. This latest release by Dumbgood is the perfect item for streetwear enthusiasts and anyone who’s a fan of Paul Frank’s remarkable artistic career!

The new apparel and accessories from the Paul Frank collection are now available for purchase.

The collection will be available at on

About Dumbgood
Dumbgood is a pop culture lifestyle retailer featuring carefully selected apparel, accessories, and collectibles from some of the most iconic entertainment brands of all time. We collaborate with an expanding group of makers and brands to create a unique selection built from thoughtful design. Dumbgood offers pieces that speak to the effortless style of subcultures and the individual rather than mass fashion trends. We feature brands that are Dumbgood because they destroyed the box office, redefined their form, or defied the odds to become enduring cult classics. These are the brands that shaped who we are.

About Bioworld
Global pioneers of lifestyle pop-culture apparel and accessories for over 20 years. We look at the licensing industry differently. Our priority is connecting consumers globally by creating richer connections between the fans and the things they love. It goes beyond merch. Beyond commerce. We help cultivate self-expression.

We partner with the biggest brands in the world. With over 20 product categories and complete retail distribution in all tiers including Amazon and direct-to-consumer, we are the only global licensee with a distribution network built for agility to attack emerging trends. We redefined omni-channel to be everywhere the fans are.

Headquartered in Texas with 10 offices worldwide, we own the supply chain—from manufacturing to distribution and every step in between. Our partners know we aren’t just one solution. We’re THE solution.

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