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Emojis on the March image

Emojis on the March

Accessory Innovations expands licensing for its Emojination brand, having landed agreements recently with Zak Designs and BH Pet Care. Zak Designs will field glassware and plates using Emojination emojis, while BH Pet Care launches beds ($14.99-$19.99) and pet toys ($5-$10) in April. Accessory Innovation has so far landed 6-7 licensees for Emojination as it competes with other companies to trademark and license emoji characters. Accessory Innovations itself has used its emojis on backpacks, sleepwear and other products using its emojis, giving licensees a chance to “piggyback” on its distribution as they seek retail deals for their own products, says Maurice Eida, VP of Marketing at BH Pets, the master licensee for pet products.

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