Exim Licensing in Alliance with Yuisy for All LATAM

MIAMI, June 30 – The tech division of Exim Licensing Group, “Exim Tech” is proud to announce their alliance with Yuisy, the largest videogames, app, and digital content developer and publisher of Latin America, which is part of Grupo Clarin, one of the largest multimedia groups throughout Latam.
Exim Tech and Yuisy have teamed up to work together in creating online strategies that strengthen the licensing program currently handled by Exim Licensing. “We believe that Latin America’s market is a great opportunity to partner with Yuisy, we are confident that his leadership in the region makes an excellent and important contribution to our technology division” says Diego Barassi, Regional SVP Marketing at Exim. Elias Hofman, President of Exim Licensing Group concludes: Exim is a company that has been growing up too fast on last years; now with Exim’s tech division, we are moving to digital matters to offer this additional service, which means more profit for all our business partners”.
Francisco Primero Narvaez, Publishing Manager from Yuisy adds: “We are pleased to add our knowledge and experience to the great work done by Exim Tech in the region”. Yuisy in addition to being a mobile and social games developer, acts as Publisher of all this content as well. Marcelo Liberini, COO stated, “Every business is perfectly complemented to each other in this alliance. We are very excited about the prospects of working together.”
Among the most popular applications developed by this portal is MUNDO GATURRO, a virtual space designed for children between 5 and 12 years. This famous interactive club represented by EXIM has today more than ten million users in Latam, and an extensive line of products including Back to School, cups, promotions, t-shirts, backpacks, toys, and others.
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About Yuisy
Yuisy, is the division of games, applications and content of CMD (Digital Media Company), which is part of Grupo Clarin.
Yuisy is the most important video game developer and Publisher throughout Latin America, covering mobile & social games, virtual worlds, publishing in Latin America massively multiplayer games, special project development, toy apps and associated digital content. Yuisy has developed the most successful virtual worlds for kids in Latin America, including the development and distribution of more than ten games for mobile devices and a long experience in massive online games,
Yuisy has forged alliances with the larger companies in the video games market; also, Yuisy has the recognition by globally companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. Yuisy has won a large number of citations and awards from the most important critics in the virtual game world.
For more information: www.yuisy.com
Contact for opportunities:
Francisco Primero Narvaez.
Publisher Manager
Tel: (54-11) 4943-8753
About Exim Tech
Exim Tech was born with the objective of maximizing the support to licensors and licensees in digital areas wireless content for mobiles and online actions. We are capable of offering solutions that combine creativity and technology in order to fulfill licensors’ communication needs in these areas, incorporating, whenever necessary, codes and systems for brand protection.
The Exim Tech strategy is to explore appropriate channels and activities based on our knowledge of the market in order to accomplish an effective performance based on campaigns throughout a variety of platforms, having in mind certain limitations such as: internet access, smartphone access, payment gateways, etc.
Exim Tech is part of Exim Licensing Group, the largest agency in Latin America that explores opportunities related with Licenses, Promotions, Merchandising, Entertainment, TV & Live Shows and 360° events.
More information: http://www.exim-tech.com/
Contact for opportunities in Exim Tech:
Diego Barassi
Exim Headquarters-USA
1691 Michigan Avenue Suite 435
Miami Beach, FL 33139
PH +305.534.1900
Fax +305.534.6440

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