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FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management Welcomes Cardio Bunny to Its Growing Roster image

FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management Welcomes Cardio Bunny to Its Growing Roster

FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its growing clientele – Cardio Bunny, a dynamic and innovative brand in the athleisure and fitness apparel industry. Cardio Bunny has tasked the agency with leading the licensing business and growing brand awareness in the United States.

Based in Poland, Cardio Bunny has quickly emerged in the European health and fitness market, captivating enthusiasts with its cutting-edge products and vibrant designs. The collaboration between FanGirl Consulting and Cardio Bunny is set to bring a range of exciting products and experiences for fans and fitness enthusiasts alike. From stylish activewear to accessories that blend fashion and function, the partnership promises to deliver a collection that reflects Cardio Bunny’s mission of empowering women to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I’m always excited to flex my licensing muscles in new ways,” said Anita Castellar, Founder of FanGirl Consulting. “For years we have been tapping into pop culture and fan engagement to unlock the business potential behind each brand. Now we will bring that knowledge to Cardio Bunny and the athletic apparel business.”

“A remarkable 60% of our business comes from Direct-to-Retail (DTR) licensing agreements in 22 countries, proving the power of collaboration. We are excited to expand the Cardio Bunny brand to the US with the FanGirl team,” said Paul Lynch, Head of Global Licensing at Cardio Bunny.

The FanGirl team will be attending Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and setting meetings to explore Direct To Retail (DTR) licensing partnerships as well as Licensees in categories such as apparel, accessories, health and beauty, nutrition, and more.

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At Cardio Bunny we create comfortable and unique athletic apparel for women. We are a fashion brand for active women, striving to deliver high-quality and trendy athletic wear for an active lifestyle. Our brand follows the latest fashion trends and combines athletic functionality with a fashion-forward aesthetic for those who want to look their best while staying active.

FanGirl is a boutique consulting and licensing agency concentrating on pop culture and unlocking the business potential behind fandoms. Services include Inbound licensing activities on behalf of Manufacturers; Brand Building and Outbound Licensing programs on behalf of IP owners; and marketing consultations.

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