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Global Icons Appoints License Connection as Licensing Agency for  Betty Boop in the Benelux image

Global Icons Appoints License Connection as Licensing Agency for Betty Boop in the Benelux

The International brand Licensing Agency, Global Icons, have appointed License Connection as Licensing Agency for the Benelux region for the iconic character, Betty Boop.

License Connection will represent Betty Boop for licensed consumer products in the Benelux territories.

Betty Boop represents female empowerment: She speaks her mind, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to work for it. Betty seeks to make a positive change in the world, both in her own life and in the lives of others, and when she expresses love, it’s genuine. Betty is stylish, but never to please anyone but herself.

Quote from Global Icons – David Williams, SVP Global Operations

“We are very pleased to be working with Daphne and the team and were impressed with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Benelux market”

Quote from License Connection – Daphne Kellerman

From our first call, I knew we had a match, says Daphne Kellerman. Global Icons are an expert to work with. Global Icons have been supportive from the beginnning : Both companies had a connection from start.

In our Benelux territory there is a history with the brand. The renewed interest in nostalgic brands is so strong for properties both big and small. With classic brands you have to reinvigorate the brand by creating a blend of something old and new. Both will mark the age of the property and that there is something new and cool about it for youngsters. We are looking forward to partner with Global Icons on this new phase for Betty Boop, while respecting the heritage.

About Global Icons

Founded by Jeff Lotman in 1997, Global Icons is now the world’s largest independent full-service corporate brand licensing agency with offices in Los Angeles, Detroit, London and Hong Kong.

About License Connection

License Connection is an International Licensing Agency & Consultancy Company that connects top brands with a range of quality products in Europe. Since the start of the company in 2002 License Connection works closely together with their partners to translate creative ideas into concrete sales promotions, successful campaigns and licensed products. With years of experience, License Connection offers its licensing partners a unique service

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