Grateful Dead Partners with Eden's Rose

LOS ANGELES – Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment have partnered with The Eden’s Rose Foundation on a unique line of Alpaca Hoodies featuring the iconic Grateful Dead artwork.
The Grateful Dead Alpaca Hoodies are made from the highest quality baby alpaca wool available. The wool comes from cruelty-free Alpaca farms and is produced in Ecuador. These hooded sweaters come in blue, green, brown, grey & purple featuring iconic Grateful Dead imagery including Steal Your Face, Dancing Bears, and more. They are made on a Jacquard Loom, are machine washable, and will never shrink. Just like the Grateful Dead, they are built to last. Any purchase of these Direct Trade products is also a tax-deductible donation.
The Eden’s Rose Foundation is a 501(c)(3) NGO that focuses on building refugee & children’s basic needs centers, creating community development programs and instituting direct trade projects. The ERF is currently focusing its efforts in Ecuador and is now affecting Indigenous tribes in the deepest part of the Amazon Rainforest by building a basic needs center in the small outpost community of Tosagua, Ecuador. The building of this community center has taken two and a half years at a cost over $100,000, having just completed the primary construction in November 2011.
“It’s not every day you get an opportunity to partner with a foundation to make a difference while creating a great product,” says Sara Nemerov, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and Brand Licensing at Rhino Entertainment.
“The Alpaca Hoodies are the perfect way to honor our favorite band,” says Eden’s Rose Executive Director Gregory Sheldon. “The Eden’s Rose Foundation is happy to partner with the Grateful Dead on such a worthy cause. The proceeds of these hoodies are directly responsible for the care and protection of children under the age of 5 in our basic needs center and support community development projects in Ecuador where these sweaters are made.”
For more information on Consumer Products and Brand Licensing opportunities, please contact Sara Nemerov at Warner Music Group: (212) 275-2370.
For more information, please visit:
For Grateful Dead/Rhino
CONTACT: Jason Elzy
PHONE: (818) 238-6220
For Eden’s Rose Foundation
CONTACT: Kip Singer
PHONE: (917) 573-8496

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