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Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense Launches the GrêmioMania Mobile Store image

Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense Launches the GrêmioMania Mobile Store

Mobile Kiosk to Expand Licensed Products Retail  

Porto Alegre, RS – Aiming for brand expansion, Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense and Fama Licenciamentos unveil the GrêmioMania Mobile Store: a dynamic and intelligent retail solution that introduces a new business model for the distribution of licensed products.

This mobile equipment, developed and patented by Fama  Licenciamentos, effectively meets the modern market’s demands by delivering flexibility, cost efficiency, security, and operational ease.

Innovation and Flexibility 

“This patented mobile concept effectively responds to modern market demands for flexible, economical, and practical solutions. With the GrêmioMania Mobile Store, we are democratizing access to the GrêmioMania brand and offering entrepreneurs a unique and distinct business opportunity,” states Henrique Guterres, Marketing Director of Grêmio. The GrêmioMania Mobile Store is designed to be intuitive and easy to operate, allowing a single operator to effectively manage the sale of licensed products.

The kiosk’s structure includes sophisticated LED lighting and a design that fully opens, similar to an expansive cabinet with armored casters, thus facilitating an engaging shopping  experience with visually attractive impact. It can be explored within the Store in Store concept: shopping malls, bus stations, airports, supermarkets, major retail chains, events, and more.

Expansion and Licensing 

The expectation is to expand the product range by operating more than 100 units across the southern states of Brazil. These units will be granted under a licensing agreement and will be certified as an official operation of Grêmio. This expansion represents a significant advancement for the GrêmioMania brand, strengthening its market presence and providing expanded opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Investments in the Mobile Store start at R$ 49,900.00 (special condition limited to the first units), with variations according to regional particularities.

The purchase of the equipment includes a license for the GrêmioMania brand, owned by Grêmio, which authorizes operation as an official store. This is an open invitation for entrepreneurs from various regions to join Grêmio’s business team and explore this new commercial opportunity that is feasible in various types of locations, such as shopping centers, gas stations, colleges, malls, events, fairs, and others, informs Fabiano Veronezi, Director of Fama Licenciamentos.

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