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Honmoku File To License Traditional Japan Brands in Europe


Agent for Artisanal Japanese Properties to Debut at Brand Licensing Europe

Tokyo, 18 August 2017 – Traditional Japanese arts and crafts licensing agency, Honmoku File, has chosen Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) to launch its roster of unique properties onto the international stage. BLE will take place at the Grand Hall, London Olympia from 10-12 October.
While Japan is well-known for anime, manga, high-tech and kawaii-cute characters, much inspiration for this stems from the rich and deep-rooted culture of Japanese arts and crafts. Honmoku File will introduce two of Japan’s foremost practitioners of traditional arts and crafts; Heizo Tatsumura, founder of Tatsumura Art Textile and Shogo Kariyazaki, a leading artisan of modern flower arrangement.
At BLE, Honmoku File will introduce examples of Japanese brand collaborations from both artisans.
Heizo Tatsumura revolutionized the world of textiles in Japan. He learnt kimono textile weaving techniques in the heart of Kyoto, and researched traditional textiles archived in ancient temples. Consequently, Tatsumura elevated dyeing and weaving techniques to the level of an art form. His reputation grew worldwide to the point that he produced textiles for notable international designers such as Christian Dior. His textile designs were also used for seat-coverings for Japan’s famous Shinkansen bullet-trains.
Shogo Kariyazaki has been praised for his delicate and bold flower arrangements that convey a unique colour sensibility, and has received many awards and accolades. He was named PR Ambassador for the 150th commemorative celebration of Japan-France relations. Renowned French crystal company Daum commissioned Kariyazaki to design a limited-edition range of glass vases. Kariyazaki has held solo exhibitions and floral arrangement demonstrations across Europe and Asia. He is also well-known as a charismatic personality on Japanese TV.
Nobutaka Nagai, president of Honmoku File commented, “This will be our first foray into licensing outside Japan. I believe Europe is a market well-suited to our types of brands as Europeans appreciate the aesthetic of traditional Japanese culture. We are looking forward to introducing Traditional Japan at BLE and hope to seek licensing business partners who are as enthusiastic about our brands as we are.” Honmoku File will exhibit at in the Brand Zone at BLE at booth L18 under the name Traditional Japan.

About Honmoku File

Honmoku File was established in 1992 by Nobutaka Nagai, its president. The company focuses on a number of business areas that have the common theme of supporting Japanese traditional crafts, especially in the textile field. It’s business areas are coordination of brand activities and licensing; design planning including textile and art; manufacturing supply chain management and the wholesaling of textiles, clothing and personal accessories.
Japanese artist brands represented by Honmoku File include Tatsumura Textile, one of Japan’s foremost textile studios,; Shogo Kariyazaki, the celebrity flower arrangement artist; Sisyu, a leading calligrapher/artist; Maiko Kawakami, a renowned actress; and KURIHASHI, a prominent lacquerware workshop. Honmoku File also represent in Japan, L’Usine Club De Sport, a high-class European private- membership sports club that includes Clint Eastwood, Scarlett Johannson and other celebrities amongst its clientele.

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