IconLogin Launches Jimmy The Bull Contest

IconLogin, publisher of the patent-protected picture password lock screen apps has launched an international contest featuring their newest cell phone guard dog, Jimmy The Bull, the beloved bull terrier from artist Raphael Mantesso.

Fans and users who protect their devices with fun keypads featuring 12 Jimmy The Bull images can now also win prizes from Jimmy the Bull stationery licensee The Lang Companies.  The prizes consist of a set of boxed notecards, a boxed calendar and a creative planner.

IconLogin takes the hassle out of remembering complicated passwords allowing users to create their own secure login with memorable pictures.   The 12 images in the keypad change location every time a user activates his/her mobile device, but the picture password series of the same four images remains the same.  IconLogin allows users to create a  new simple, easy, visual, picture password.

IconLogin now offers 2 new keypads featuring the charming and humorous Jimmy The Bull images that combine photography and free hand illustrations.

Jimmy the Bull images are created by placing the beloved pet within hand drawn illustration – from sunglasses, to the newspaper, to even a cape and a city skyline creating a flying superhero.  Since its first release in 2015, the whimsical drawings of Jimmy the Bull have captured the world’s attention.  The images were broadcast across global media and Jimmy the Bull’s Instagram feed became an immediate international sensation followed by his first book entitled “A Dog Named Jimmy” featuring a collection of the tongue-in-cheek imagery. As heartwarming as he is hilarious, Jimmy the Bull continues to delight animal lovers everywhere.

“Jimmy the Bull growls his way onto your Android device; pretty cool, no? We are excited about these new Keypads within the BrandedLogin Lock Screen App,” said Schehrezade Davidson, CEO, IconLogin.

The IconLogin x Jimmy The Bull license was created by The Brand Liaison as agent for Jimmy the Bull and FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management as agent for IconLogin.  Expanding upon the success of Jimmy the Bull’s book of art and imagery, Jimmy the Bull licensing includes giftables, calendars, stationery, ceramics, hydration, and much more.

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