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International Space Archives (ISA) Appoints J&M Brands to Expand Licensed Products image

International Space Archives (ISA) Appoints J&M Brands to Expand Licensed Products

International Space Archives is a digital library containing the best of the incredible imagery created by our planet’s exploration of the universe. For the first time ever, the International Space Archives is bringing together the best of this still and video imagery into one comprehensive collection and making it available for licensing.

The Mission patches, photos, films and video contained in the licensing archive come from a variety of sources including NASA (the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the international space programs of Russia, Japan, China, India and the European Union.

Jannienke Mulder, Co-Founder J&M Brands, says “We are very excited to be working with ISA and this is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for potential licensees. The ISA contain an unprecedented amount of incredible images that can be utilized by our licensees to increase profits, target new consumer streams and  open up new retail channels that might have been closed to them before.” She continues by saying “there is such a broad market for this license and the variety of imagery lends itself well for many products and promotions. We are certain of its potential success.”

About J&M Brands B.V.  

J&M Brands B.V. is a dynamic company founded in 2012 by Jannienke Mulder and Monique Beck. Within a short period J&M Brands has built up an impressive portfolio with many globally beloved brands such as: Hard Rock, The Voice, Bob Ross, Hello Kitty, Miraculous, Care Bears, Sesame Street, Mr. Bean, Love Is, Cry Babies and many more. The founders Jannienke Mulder and Monique Beck are two creative women, with over 25 years of experience in licensing, brand management and marketing. Each with her own strength, they are perfectly able to position a brand in the Benelux market, create targeted brand awareness and lift a brand to a new level. They do this with a professional, passionate, personal and powerful approach that focuses on profitable results. J&M Brands B.V. is an all-round partner that has an undeniable expertise in brand licensing.

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