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Invigorating Frisk Carbonated Drink Makes a Splash in Japan image

Invigorating Frisk Carbonated Drink Makes a Splash in Japan

Perfetti Van Melle Group and DyDo Group are thrilled to introduce Frisk Sparkling, a unique carbonated soft drink under the iconic Frisk brand. This exciting collaboration merges Frisk’s refreshing essence with DyDo Group’s dedication to health-oriented products, creating a beverage that not only refreshes but invigorates with every sip.

Launched in May to coincide with the vibrant spring-summer season, the Frisk Carbonated Drink aims to captivate Japan as the definitive beverage of the summer. Infused with GABA, a functionally active ingredient known for its stress-reducing properties, Frisk Sparkling offers more than just refreshment—it provides a revitalizing experience designed to combat the temporary mental stress and fatigue of modern life. Its delightful minty taste and refreshing sweetness evoke the invigorating sensation similar to Frisk tablets, making it an ideal companion for any moment that calls for a revitalizing break.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dydo, who has bottled the essence of Frisk and transformed it into a refreshing and sparkling drink with truly surprising sensations,” said Carla Fernandez-Moreno, Perfetti Van Melle F&B Licensing Manager.

DyDo Group has been promoting the brand message of “Delicious food for the body and soul” and states, “We are committed to providing high-quality products under the brand message of ‘Delicious food for the mind and body.’ Always surprising, we deliver the taste and health of ‘Only DyDo’ to our customers.”

FRISK Sparkling represents a milestone in beverage innovation, combining the trusted FRISK brand with DyDo Group’s expertise in delivering health-oriented products. With its unique blend of functionality and refreshment, this innovative FRISK sparkling drink promises to redefine the carbonated soft drink category and delight consumers seeking both taste and wellness benefits.”

The global confectionery group Perfetti Van Melle is a privately-owned company producing and distributing candies and chewing gum in more than 150 countries worldwide. Several of its brands are much-loved throughout the five continents, such as Chupa Chups or Mentos. In addition to these global brands, Perfetti Van Melle offers a wide range of products, the popularity of which is rooted in individual, local and regional markets.

Perfetti Van Melle also unlocks the power of several of its most popular brands through a successful licensing program that started in Barcelona more than 25 years ago. At the moment eleven brands already have lifestyle-oriented programs in key markets across the globe: Mentos, Chupa Chups, Airheads, Alpenliebe, Frisk, Fruit-tella, Morositas, Smint, Big Babol, Goleador and Brooklyn.

By merging art, fashion, pop culture and candy, the brands’ style guides offer original creativity to develop an ever-expanding universe of exciting lifestyle products, brand and retail experiences. In addition, the Mentos, Chupa Chups, Airheads and Fruit-tella brands offer the opportunity to take their characteristic and unique flavour profiles to selected categories in the food and beverage aisles with leading FMCG partners.

Frisk, the premium high-quality power mint, has developed a premium licensing program tailored for young and trendy urban professionals in Japan. It offers a unique style interpretation that includes all the essential elements to create original fashion and must-have accessories for the fashionable young Japanese businessman. With its strong, super-refreshing mint flavor and mental energizing properties, Frisk holds the number two position in Japan, boasting 98% brand awareness.

DyDo Group Holdings, Ltd is a leading Japanese beverage company renowned for its innovative and diverse range of products, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, and functional beverages. With a strong emphasis on quality and consumer satisfaction, DyDo Group continues to drive innovation in the beverage industry, catering to evolving consumer preferences and promoting health and wellness through its offerings. Committed to corporate responsibility, DyDo Group also engages in sustainable practices and community initiatives, ensuring a positive impact on both society and the environment.

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