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Joe DiMaggio, LLC inks Joltin’ Joe drink deal with AriZona Beverages


Joltin’ Joe Espresso beverage to launch nationwide in September
Hollywood, Fla (August 30, 2012) – Joe DiMaggio’s iconic brand has teamed with AriZona Beverages to launch a new drink, called Joltin’ Joe™ which will be available nationwide from mid-September.
Joltin’ Joe is a smooth-tasting, lightly carbonated ready-to-drink espresso that can be enjoyed whenever there is a need for a refreshing jolt of inspiration, and taste.
Aplty named, this all-natural sparkling espresso delivers a jolt of energy either for a morning caffeine kick or for energy throughout the day. Joltin’ Joe is made with natural espresso coffee and contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
“The Joltin’ Joe brand seamlessly extends to coffee and energy so launching our first beverage product with a ready-to-drink sparkling espresso is consistent with our strategy to build a large footprint in the food and beverage category,” says Michelle Alfandari, managing member of Joe DiMaggio, LLC who heads up licensing for the company.
Joltin’ Joe joins an impressive portfolio of iconic athlete beverages Arizona Beverages has created. Joe DiMaggio’s carbonated espresso drink, Joltin’ Joe, has officially joined AriZona’s hall of fame.
“We’ve had great success in the tea market and Joltin’ Joe is our foray into the coffee category where we expect the same levels of success,” says Jackie Harrigan, Global Communications Director for AriZona Beverages.
Joltin’ Joe Sparkling Espresso comes in a 16-ounce aluminum can featuring images of Joe, including one with USA on his baseball cap. “While the New York Yankees are an integral part of Joe DiMaggio’s DNA and legendary history in baseball; today, the “brand” plays for America, hence the USA on his cap”, says Alfandari. The Can also features historical headlines including his famous 56- game hitting streak, still considered one of the most remarkable achievements in the history of sport – and a record unbroken to this day.
During that legendary summer of 1941, Joe DiMaggio became more than just a ballplayer; he became a symbol of hope in a time of monumental challenges and the promise of an America where anyone could realize their dream through hard work, dedication, and integrity.
“The fact that AriZona built a successful business on the principles of perseverance and hard work, principles which DiMaggio embodied certainly played in our decision to approach them, says Alfandari.
The Joltin’ Joe drink will evoke DiMaggio’s timeless legacy – not only his greatness on the field but the way he symbolized the potential for greatness we all yearn to see in ourselves,” says Alfandari.
Visit Joe DiMaggio’s fan page or to learn more about the launch and availability of Joltin’ Joe Sparkling Espresso.
About Joe DiMaggio, LLC
Joe DiMaggio, LLC manages and licenses the brand of Joe DiMaggio, with enduring products connected to a social movement celebrating this quintessential American icon and legendary athlete. Joe DiMaggio forever defines what it means to be an American and what America is: A country where an individual regardless of ethnicity, religion, or social-economics who commits to work hard can utilize their natural talents for a better life for themselves and their families.
About AriZona
AriZona Beverages USA LLC was founded in Brooklyn in 1971 by Don Vultaggio and John Ferolito and to this day remains a privately held and family-run American business based in Woddbury, NY. AriZona Beverages – makers of AriZona Iced Tea, waters, juices, energy drinks, sports drinks and powdered tea mixes – is the number one ready-to-drink tea in North America and has begun worldwide expansion starting with South America, Europe and Asia. AriZona’s mission is to create the highest quality products, that not only look great, but taste great and are affordable for people to buy.
Michelle Alfandari
Joe DiMaggio, LLC
212 687 7640 ext. 214

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