Kids Research Company Partners with Brand Activation Agency to Provide Ongoing Trends Insights

Chicago, IL, February 09, 2012 – The Marketing Store, a global brand activation agency, today announced its partnership with KidSay, a leading youth research company.
“KidSay’s fieldwork with children is a truly unique research approach. Through its network, KidSay has worked with thousands of schools and youth organizations across the country,” said Rob Pieper, SVP, Planning and Strategy at The Marketing Store. “Its methodology allows kids to openly share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on their own turf—which delivers fresh perspectives. Between its ongoing tracking of kids as well as its extensive qualitative research, KidSay provides a multi-dimensional view of how trends and marketing practices are impacting the lives of kids today.”
With a tradition of developing consumer promotions and premiums for some of the largest youth-focused consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retail brands on the planet, The Marketing Store views this partnership as an opportunity to further enhance its existing youth research and thought leadership.
The partners plan to jointly develop several new tools including a new trend identification and tracking system that will build on KidSay’s popular Trend Tracker reports. This will enable them to provide an earlier snapshot and analysis of emerging trends in the ever-changing world of America’s youth. They will also jointly author a number of thought papers on “hot” issues in kids marketing.
“The Marketing Store was the perfect choice for us to partner with as they have one of the leading youth marketing practices, and its consumer insights group brings its own expertise to the process, which makes the partnership that much more robust,” said Bob Reynolds, President of KidSay. “Working together we will further the understanding of how to effectively market to kids in a responsible way.”
About KidSay
KidSay is a full service research company whose Trend Tracker reports are used by many of the world’s leading companies. By providing frequent quantitative updates on kids/tweens (10 reports a year, 6000+ respondents) coupled with qualitative insights, KidSay’s Trend Trackers have become a vital tool in understanding the rapidly changing world of kids. Plus, KidSay supports education by providing funds for scholarships and enrichment programs to schools in their network. Established in 1993, KidSay is based in the Kansas City area with field offices in New York.
About The Marketing Store
One of the largest brand activation agencies in the world, The Marketing Store creates tangible interactions that engage people, influence purchase and build brands. With offices in 12 countries, it specializes in youth and family, loyalty, shopper, and consumer promotions (games/contests/sweepstakes, experiential, premiums). The Marketing Store is part of the HAVI Group, a privately held company headquartered just outside Chicago. Follow @marketingstore on Twitter or visit
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