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LIMA Japan Provides Licensing Experts to Tokyo University of Science image

LIMA Japan Provides Licensing Experts to Tokyo University of Science

21st October 2013, Tokyo – LIMA Japan has arranged to provide licensing industry experts from its membership to be guest speakers to the Department of Master of Intellectual Property Program (MIP) at the Tokyo University of Science’s Graduate School of Innovation Studies.  This initiative forms part of the ongoing industry-education cooperation agreement that LIMA Japan has with MIP.

The guest speakers will participate in number of the fifteen session “Copyright & Licensing” lecture series conducted by Fumihiko “Pochi” Kusama, a part-time lecturer at MIP.  The speakers are Mr. Jun Kanazawa, Attorney-at-Law, Field-R Law Offices, Mr. Hiroaki Sano, head of rights management at Hakuhodo, Inc., a major Japanese advertising agency and Mr. Kazuo Rikukawa, President of Character Databank, a character licensing industry market research firm.

The Copyright & Licensing lecture series teaches the basics of licensing with a strong emphasis on actual business practices to give students a thorough grounding in the industry.

The guest speakers will provide valuable insights into licensing from standpoints as professionals in their respective roles.

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