LIMA Japan New Forum To Focus on Achieving a Comfortable Work/Life Balance

29th October 2013, Tokyo – Sachiko Imaizumu, LIMA Japan Representative Director and President, Plus Licens & Design TOKYO, is creating a new forum focusing on issues affecting women working in the licensing industry.  The group is open to all women in licensing irrespective of LIMA membership and aims to provide a comfortable environment in they can easily discuss issues affecting their working lives as well as how to achieve a good work/life balance and to improve working skills in general.  The kick-off meeting will take place from late afternoon 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday 12th December to allow participation by working mothers who might need to get home early.  LIMA Japan envisages about 15 to 20 participants. Venue will be announced at a later date. There will be JPY2,000 charge to cover costs.

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