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LIMA Names Rising Stars image

LIMA Names Rising Stars

The most successful of licensing professionals all started somewhere. They may have worked their way up the ranks of a company or tried on different hats within the industry until they got their first “big promotion” or started their own company.

At this year’s Licensing Expo, LIMA recognized a select group of licensing’s Rising Stars – the leaders of tomorrow who are already making an impact today:

     Will DePippo, Manager, International Licensing, Sesame Workshop
     Caitlin Gutekunst, Manager of Licensing, Americas, Mind Candy
     Andrew Ostrom, Business Support Analyst, General Merchandise, Harley-Davidson Motor Company
     Jess Richardson, Director, Sales, The Joester Loria Group
     Anthony Shaut, Director of Royalty Audits, Spielman Koenigsberg & Parker LLP
     David Tovey, Consumer Products Manager, Mind Candy
Emily Wickerham, Senior Director, Client Services, IMC Licensing

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