Limited Edition Trashie Windfall Shows the Worldwide Demand for Trash Pack Merchandise

The global popularity of The Trash Pack has been proven this week, following the news of a boy in the UK netting at 155,000% profit for a limited edition Trash Pack figure; the story, which broke on 27th February, clearly indicates the status of this boy’s property declares the UK and France licensing agent, Lisle International.
Lewis Eeles, aged 10, recently found a limited edition Trash Pack figure and certificate when opening up a new series 3 Trash Pack bin. After doing some research, the canny lad placed the character called GRIMY GOLD on eBay and in the dying seconds of the auction, a staggering £1296 was paid.
Francesca Lisle from Lisle Interactional commented. “It’s incredible how much this limited edition figure sold for, but it shows just how loved and collectable The Trash Pack is. The hit of the toy line across many continents is truly remarkable, but our other licensees are also having success.”
“Importantly for licensees the creative content is vast and lends itself to so many children’s products, all of which the fans are craving for. Plus the ability to have limited edition and highly collectable variations is possible across many sectors.”
Lewis’s story has sparked the imaginations of the world’s media sparking even more awareness for the Trash Pack and never before has the time been right to get on board with a license.
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