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Looney Tunes Crash Into “Stumble Guys” for Another Epic Collaboration image

Looney Tunes Crash Into “Stumble Guys” for Another Epic Collaboration

The worlds of “Stumble Guys” and Looney Tunes collide with a BANG!, as the wacky, fun, and classic antics from the Looney Tunes franchise debut in the vibrant Stumbleverse.

This latest update to “Stumble Guys” – the beloved party battle royale game from Scopely – introduces a brand-new game mode and course featuring iconic Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck. The integration also introduces Stumblers to KING CHUNGUS – a royal version of BIG CHUNGUS.

In the new “Stumble Guys” team-based game mode, PAYLOAD DELIVERY, players must team up with Wile E. Coyote and transport the most unpredictable and outlandish gadgets from ACME Corporation using an all-new escort gameplay mechanic. Two teams face off to escort supplies out of the ACME factory, employing strategies such as booby-trapping, blocking, or simply out-maneuvering each other along the way.

Players will discover new cosmetics, spanning Stumblers, emotes, footsteps, and victory dances. Brand new in-game content includes:

  • One new course designed after the iconic ACME corporation, the ACME factory
  • Payload Delivery escort game mechanic in team battle game mode
  • New Cosmetics: Stumblers, Emotes, Footsteps, and Victory Dances!
  • Limited-Time Collection events, special events, themed Stumblepass
  • Daily Mission milestones and player rewards across events

“Stumble Guys” is free to play and enjoyed by a community of 50M+ players every month. The game recently debuted on consoles, beginning with exciting launches on Xbox and PlayStation. Fans can pre-register now on to join the party on Nintendo Switch when the game releases on the platform later this year.

To learn more about “Stumble Guys,” join the “Stumble Guys” community on TikTok (@StumbleGuys), Discord (/StumbleGuys), X (@StumbleGuysGame), Facebook (/StumbleGuysGame), YouTube (/StumbleGuys) and/or Instagram (@StumbleGuys) and play the game for free on iOS, Android, Xbox, and Steam.

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