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“Maillot Jaune” Collection: On the Shoulders of Tour Giants image

“Maillot Jaune” Collection: On the Shoulders of Tour Giants

  • The Tour de France is rolling out its new “Maillot Jaune” collections of equipment for amateur cyclists who want to blend style and performance. All garments of the collections are designed and manufactured by Santini, official partner of the Tour de France
  • The first one celebrates two giants of the Tour bound by fate: Louison Bobet and Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence, on which Bobet built his victory in the 1955 Tour.
  • The second one, Redux, combines the most technical apparel from Santini with the sleek style of the “Maillot Jaune” label to appeal to the most hardcore cyclists.
  • The specialists Lazer (helmets) and Elite (bottles) add the icing to the “Maillot Jaune” cake.
  • The products in the “Maillot Jaune” range can be bought from the official Tour de France website (, Santini’s website ( and a selection of official Tour de France stores from June 1st.

The Tour de France, often set in the mountains, is a book with multiple storylines and plot twists galore where every lead character is one of a kind. As the story unfolds, the legends of today take over from the champions of yesterday while the stars of tomorrow await the next changing of the guard. The hallowed peaks on whose slopes men go from zero to hero are the nexus that connects the past, present and future of pro cycling. Generation after generation has learnt to fear the majestic Giant of Provence for its steep, grinding slopes, its lunar landscape and the stifling heat that bakes its rock-strewn upper reaches. The names of the winners at the top of the Ventoux show that it takes a rare breed to tame this epic monster: Chris Froome, Richard Virenque, Bernard Thévenet, Eddy Merckx, Raymond Poulidor, Charly Gaul, Louison Bobet… It is a giant for giants.

The first “Maillot Jaune” collection made by Santini for 2023 honours one of these giants: Louison Bobet. Santini’s kit takes us back 68 years to stage 11 of the 1955 Tour de France, which took the riders from Marseille to Avignon via the Mont Ventoux. Louison Bobet, the reigning champion with two consecutive wins under his belt, pounced on the opportunity to stamp his authority on this mountain and lay the foundation for his third victory in a row. The collection pays tribute to that historic moment: the blue-white-red stripes on the shorts, gloves, socks and cap highlight that Louison Bobet was racing for the French national team; the cream white of the jersey evokes the rocky landscape of the summit of the Bald Mountain; and the front page of L’Équipe from the day after the finish in Paris, printed on the baselayer, celebrates Bobet’s monumental feat in the 1955 Tour. The Santini Mont Ventoux short-sleeve jersey is made of breathable and light fabrics and it features a slim fit. The bibshorts are constructed with a compact high-stretch Italian fabric offering power compression technology.

Santini’s second collection, Redux, brings the sleek “Maillot Jaune” design to hardcore cyclists and unlocks the potential of the most technical products designed by Santini. The jersey is the signature Redux jersey from Santini, revisited in a Maillot Jaune design. Made with lightweight, quick-drying and UV-resistant woven fabrics and with an aerodynamic fit designed to reduce drag. Shorts, jersey, windbreaker, base layer… cyclists looking to eke out every last drop of performance will find in this outfit a range of high-tech apparel approaching what professionals wear.

Ever since it hit the market in spring 2022, “Maillot Jaune” has aspired to team up with leading experts in cycling gear to provide a full range of products for sports cycling enthusiasts. In 2023, the Tour de France brand is introducing two new experts to flesh out its range: Elite, which brings a minimalist bottle in the colours of “Maillot Jaune”, and Lazer, which amalgamates style and safety with a sleek helmet that blends in with existing collections.

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