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Mattel Has Strong Debut at China Licensing Expo 2017 Showcasing Evergreen Brands and Multidimensional Licensing System


  • Mattel made a strong debut in its seventh consecutive year at the China Licensing Expo 2017 by leveraging the power of its Evergreen brand portfolio
  • Mattel is widely recognized as the market licensor of choice for its high-value IP & all-round industry support, as well as long-term partnerships with world-class licensors and retailers
  • Mattel creates innovative, value-added products and better experiences for Chinese consumers of different ages and needs by providing diverse content and interactive experiences.

Shanghai, China, October 20, 2017 – Mattel, a global learning, development and play company, brought its six evergreen brands to the China Licensing Expo 2017. The strong debut in the company’s seventh consecutive year at the premier industry exposition strengthened Mattel’s position as the market licensor of choice, and further demonstrated the company’s capabilities in strategic management of high-value IP as well as commitment to forging long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Mattel Has Strong Debut at China Licensing Expo 2017

“Mattel is dedicated to creating value for its partners and bringing consumers fresh and new brand experiences by exploring innovative, cross-industry, multi-channel licensing opportunities,” said Toni Qiu, Director of Mattel Greater China Consumer Products. At this year’s China Licensing Expo, Mattel showcased its six evergreen brands— Barbie®, a brand which encourages girls to create infinite possibilities, Thomas & Friends®, a brand which is a friend for life, Fisher-Price®, a brand which provides the “best possible start”, Hot Wheels®, a brand which inspires a “challenger spirit”, Bob the Builder®, a brand which fosters hands-on skills and problem-solving abilities through its core components of construction, teamwork, positivity and learning, and BattleClaw, a new locally developed brand introduced by Mattel and a Chinese animation production company. This event marks the debut for Bob the Builder® and BattleClaw in the Chinese market.

Expanding Business Opportunities for Partners with an Innovative Licensing Approach and All-round Support

Mattel is committed to enabling mutually beneficial, win-win collaboration with its partners. To this end, Mattel is focused on continuously building its evergreen brands, strengthening strategic management of product portfolios, and injecting endless vitality into its high-value IP based on deep consumer and market insights, to create new business licensing opportunities and delivering fast-paced growth. With this strategic approach to multi-industry, multi-channel licensing, Mattel has expanded growth opportunities and created value for its partners while driving high double digital growth in the licensing field over five consecutive years.
Over the years, Mattel has actively embodied its commitment by providing its partners all-around support throughout different phases of development. From market research, content and creation, product design and development, to channel expansion, marketing cooperation, and promotion, Mattel works with its partners to improve the value of its evergreen brands and safeguard mutually beneficial, win-win collaboration.
To meet ever growing demand, Mattel strengthens strategic management of its core IP portfolio, and actively explores cooperation opportunities with strong partners to develop new categories. This year, Barbie® joined hands with Johnson & Johnson to develop J&J Barbie® shampoo and Fisher-Price® reached strategic collaboration with Three Guns to co-develop a product line. Since 2016, Thomas & Friends® has partners with Bright Dairy to introduce children’s yogurts with special packaging. The Thomas & Friends movie “The Great Race” also recently debuted in theaters across China, providing a blast of positive energy for children.
Over the 11 years of cooperation between Mattel and the licensees of Barbie® children’s footwear, Mattel has helped partners achieve annual sales value of more than 100 million by continuously providing all-around support. Mattel also cooperates with Barbie Books licensees to bring Barbie publishing to China. Over a decade ‘s efforts, Barbie® has become a leading brand for girls’ publishing in China, with a total sales volume of 80 million copies. Mattel’s innovative approach to business licensing cooperation has brought Chinese consumers new brand experiences.

Multidimensional Collaboration to Enrich Consumer Brand Experiences

By strengthening business partnerships, Mattel also creates and delivers all new and meaningful brand experiences for consumers of all ages with different needs, successfully bringing its high-value products to a variety of daily scenarios to accompany and nurture children’s growth.
In China, Mattel has launched a series of interactive brand campaigns to support its licensing partners in expanding development opportunities across different industries and channels, while also achieving remarkable business growth. This March, Barbie®, one of Mattel’s popular brands, launched the “You Can Be Anything” campaign in Shanghai, lighting up the Oriental Pearl TV tower in iconic Barbie pink to announce its new brand. Mattel also launched a series of brand initiatives in China. One such example is the “Set Friendship in Motion” campaign for Thomas & Friends®, which entailed a wide variety of online and offline content, including the first Thomas stage show developed specifically for Chinese children debuted in Beijing’s Water Cube, the first “Thomas Town” officially opened in Chongqing, and Thomas & Friends movie “The Great Race” debuted in theaters across China. Another example is the “Best Possible Start” campaign for Fisher-Price®, which stressed the importance of play to children’s development. This campaign was designed to promote Fisher-Price’s February 2017 partnership with Baby Tree, which would see the construction a first of its kind early childhood learning online platform that incorporates a broad range of content. This platform shares customized parenting information and developmental frameworks with millions of Chinese parents.Mattel has achieved remarkable growth and supported its licensing partners in expanding development opportunities in different industries and channels.
Speaking on the value of play, Jeff Wang, Vice President and Country Manager, Mattel, Greater China, noted, “Having been in the Chinese market for a long time, we’ve seen that Chinese parents hope their children get something from playing. Mattel deeply understands and believes in the value of play. The importance of play does not merely lie in making children happy mentally and physically, but also in encouraging them to develop correct values and grasp broader skills, thereby growing in a healthy and joyful way. This is precisely Mattel’s commitment to the Chinese market and Chinese parents.”

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