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Medialink Celebrates 30th Anniversary image

Medialink Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Hong Kong – Medialink Group Limited (“Medialink” or the “Group”, stock code: 2230.HK), a leading IP management company engaged in media content distribution and brand licensing business, recently held a banquet at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel. Under the theme “Pushing Boundaries, Going Beyond Imagination, Staying True to Original Goals and Keep Moving Forward,” the event celebrated Medialink’s 30th Anniversary. Many business partners and friends from the political and investment communities, as well as distinguished guests and friends from various sectors joined the cocktail and dinner. Over 500 guests attended the banquet, filling the event with glamour. The Group also invited singers to sing Japanese anime theme songs at the event, a prelude to the Ani-Music-One™ anime concerts to be held in the future. The Group will hold 30th anniversary celebrations in Tokyo and Taiwan, so that over than 200 business partners and supporters can witness and participate in this historical moment.

In addition to the banquet, Medialink also held its regional conference at Dignity Kitchen, spreading a message of caring for the community and the impact of life on life with all the employees in the Asia region. Dignity Kitchen is a platform for the public to become attuned to persons with disabilities or impaired social interaction. Since its listing, Medialink has been supporting Dignity Kitchen, working together to help individuals with different abilities regain their dignity through employment.

Ms. Lovinia Chiu, Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Medialink, said, “Though it was just a minute on stage, it has taken us over 30 years of effort to get Medialink to where it is today, including its listing in 2019. Looking back at all these years, there has not only been tremendous dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, disciplined hard work, crazy ideas, pushing myself and pushing the team, but also 30 litres of tears. Tears not seen by the public, but witnessed by my family and colleagues.  Tears of frustration. Tears of determination. Tears of fighting back. Tears of not giving up.  Tears of recognition. Tears of joy. I cannot be prouder at how far we have come.”

“As an IP management company seeking to be number one in Asia, innovation and creativity are our hallmarks. In the past 30 years, we have been in step with technological trends and brought new ideas and new campaigns to all parts of Asia. We have never grown complacent or rested on our laurels. Traditional symbol of 30th anniversary is pearls as they signify purity, honesty, integrity and wisdom, all these are tested and grown through years with tears as we have in Medialink. I wish to thank everyone at Medialink, including their family members, and all our business partners who have trusted and grown with the company. I believe that we will witness even more successes in the years to come!’’ Ms. Chiu concluded.

Medialink was established by Ms. Lovinia Chiu in 1994. In the early days of its founding, the Group was mainly engaged in the program distribution business and then developed into brand licensing business with business presence across Asia. With the guidance and leadership of the Board of Directors, along with the Group’s keen insight into the industry and creativity, as well as longstanding support from various business partners, customers and investors, the Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 2019. The Group announced a five-year development plan at the beginning of its listing, and established seven key strategies to realize its future development goals, including expanding the content distribution network; acquisition of new titles/rights; conducting strategic content co-investments; acquisition of licensing brands; expanding licensing brands rights; becoming an IP ambassador for Hong Kong; and engaging in new investments and new businesses. So far, the Group has achieved the expected goals in these areas.

Looking ahead, the Group will continue to enhance its edge in content resources and distribution channels, further expand the influence of the Ani-One® animation channel, and open new YouTube content channels in Malaysia, India, and Indonesia, so as to broaden the audience base via online platforms. The Group will also launch more Chinese animation content in Asia and step up its acquisition of top animations and movies to meet the demand for high-quality content from audiences. In addition, the Group will make every effort to expand global licensing cooperation in relation to game projects, and at the same time continue to explore new brand cooperation opportunities. By consolidating existing advantages and expanding new businesses, the Group is set to bring substantial returns to shareholders and investors.

About Medialink Group Limited
Medialink Group Limited (Stock Code: 2230.HK) is a leading intellectual property (IP) management company headquartered in Hong Kong, with business in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, actively promoting cultural exchanges through its IP, bring high-quality entertainment to the whole of Asia.

Founded in 1994, its business mainly focuses on content distribution and brand licensing, and is also involved in content production, distribution arrangements and animation product development. The Group invests and cooperates closely with media content licensors to distribute media content related to animation, variety shows, TV dramas, animated and live-action movies. At the same time, it also obtains copyright licensing from various brand licensors in the Asia-Pacific region, including merchandising rights and location-based entertainment rights and promotion rights.

The Group has its own animation brand, its various Ani-One® YouTube channels (including Ani-One® Asia which is Asia-focused, Ani-One® 中文官方頻道which is run in Chinese, and other South East Asia channels – Ani-One® Thailand, Ani-One® Philippines and Ani-One® Vietnam) have more than 5 million subscribers and more than 980 million views. In addition, the Group also has its own e-commerce platform Ani-Mall®, selling animation products and exclusive anime boutique.

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