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Mrs Wordsmith Partners with DK to Bring Literacy Resources to Families Across North America image

Mrs Wordsmith Partners with DK to Bring Literacy Resources to Families Across North America

Seven Award-Winning Books and Games will Launch at Local Bookstores Everywhere by March 2022

New York, New York (February 22, 2022) — Mrs Wordsmith – The world’s silliest learning company – and DK – the illustrated non-fiction global publisher – have joined forces to bring seven award-winning books and games for kids ages 4-to-13 to bookstores across Canada and the United States. This timely partnership comes after an extended period of virtual learning and homeschooling, where kids, teachers and families are hungry for interactive, curriculum-approved FUN!

Mrs Wordsmith workbooks and literacy products feature a cast of fantastical characters developed by the Lead Character Designer behind Madagascar, and are designed to engage kids through outrageous and hilarious illustrations. Using gamification, visual learning, and spaced repetition, Mrs Wordsmith guides children through interactive reading and writing resources that will foster a love of learning and accelerate literacy skills.

Young readers can learn letters and sounds with Blah Blah Blah Phonic Card Game (ages 5+) which brings laugh-out-loud, bite-sized learning to classrooms and at-home play; build their vocabulary with Epic Words Vocabulary Book (ages 6+); and then graduate to Storyteller’s Word A Day (ages 8+), which leads children through rich story worlds using 15-minute daily vocabulary lessons.

Loved by parents and teachers alike, Mrs Wordsmith products are informed by research from world-renowned childhood literacy experts and industry-leading teachers who understand how pedagogy applies in the real world.

Susan Neuman, Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education at New York University, said: “Mrs Wordsmith uses the very latest in the science of learning to grab children’s attention and teach them words about their world. Educators take note! This brand will not only improve children’s vocabulary, it will accelerate it at epic speed.”

Mark Searle, Publishing Director, DK Licensing, said: “I am incredibly proud to be partnering with Mrs Wordsmith, the global pioneers of educational vocabulary content; their combination of loveable characters and highly credentialed pedagogy makes this publishing programme truly unique. As a parent of school-age children, I know how hard it

can be to capture their attention and inspire a love of learning. Working together with Mrs Wordsmith, we can strengthen our mission to make learning fun; this new range of educational books and games is perfect for curious learners of any age.”

Nick Perrett, CEO, Mrs Wordsmith, said: “DK is the perfect partner to introduce Mrs Wordsmith to US and Canadian audiences. They approach the brand with the energy needed to inspire kids to read, write and create and to help spread our love of literacy, one giggle at a time.”

This launch coincides with a donation of Mrs Wordsmith books and games to First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to ensuring educational equity for children living in poverty. This donation is part of the company’s long-term commitment to fostering a love of reading, and supports First Book’s efforts to provide free and affordable books and resources to educators serving kids in need in order to address barriers to education.

DK will publish seven Mrs Wordsmith titles in February and March 2022, with more releases coming soon after. This program provides a complete offering to support English learning. Titles include:

● Mrs Wordsmith Kindergarten English Gargantuan Workbook ○ Paperback, $12.99 USD/$17.99 CAD

● Mrs Wordsmith ABC Handwriting Workbook, Kindergarten & Grades 1-2 ○ Paperback, $12.99 USD/$17.99 CAD

● Mrs Wordsmith Phonics Blah Blah Blah Card Game, Kindergarten & Grades 1-2 ○ Cards, $30 USD/$40 CAD

● Mrs Wordsmith Epic Words Vocabulary Book, Kindergarten & Grades 1-3 ○ Hardcover, $19.99 USD/$25.99 CAD

● Mrs Wordsmith First Grade English Gargantuan Workbook ○ Paperback, $12.99 USD/$17.99 CAD

● Mrs Wordsmith How to Write a Story, Grades 3-5 ○ Paperback, $12.99 USD/$17.99 CAD

● Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller’s Word a Day, Grades 3-5 ○ Spiral bound, $25 USD/$34 CAD

About Mrs Wordsmith
Mrs Wordsmith combines proven learning science with Hollywood-quality animation and state-of-the-art game design to create books, card games, worksheets, and video games that improve the literacy outcomes of kids aged 4–13. Guided by the conviction that educational resources should be every bit as exciting and hilarious as the movies kids watch and the games kids play, Mrs Wordsmith’s products provide a premium, modern learning experience that is more motivating and more fun than any other. Visit for more information and free resources, or follow @mrswordsmithofficial on instagram.

About DK
DK | For the curious
We believe in the power of discovery. That’s why we create books for everyone that explore ideas and nurture curiosity about the world we live in. From first words to the Big Bang, from the wonders of nature to city adventures, you will find expert knowledge, hours of fun, and endless inspiration in the pages of our books.

About First Book
Founded in Washington, D.C., in 1992 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit social enterprise, First Book is a leader in the educational equity field. Over its 29-year history, First Book has distributed more than 200 million books and educational resources, with a retail value of more than $2 billion. First Book believes education offers children in need the best path out of poverty. First Book breaks down barriers to quality education by providing its Network of more than 525,000 registered teachers, librarians, after school program leaders, and others serving children in need with millions of free and affordable new, high-quality books, educational resources, and basic needs items through the award-winning First Book Marketplace nonprofit eCommerce site. The First Book Network comprises the largest and fastest-growing community of formal and informal educators serving children in need.

First Book also expands the breadth and depth of the education field through a family of social enterprises, including First Book Research & Insights, its proprietary research initiative, and the First Book Accelerator, which brings best-in-class research-based strategies to the classroom via relevant, usable educator resources. First Book Impact Funds target support to areas of need, such as rural communities or increasing diversity in children’s books. For more information, visit or follow the latest news on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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