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New Content Report Showcasing the Biggest Global Trends Shaking Up the Kids and Family Space as We Know It image

New Content Report Showcasing the Biggest Global Trends Shaking Up the Kids and Family Space as We Know It

24th May, Manchester: The Insights Family survey more than 469,040 kids aged 3-18 and 228,800 different parents a year across 22 countries in 6 continents. Launched exclusively at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, the Mapping The World Of Content report is the most recent release from the global leaders in kids, parents and family market intelligence.

From broadcast television and video gaming, to the metaverse and web3, our Industry Knowledge team shares the latest insights on all elements of kid’s content in 2022 and beyond. The report also explores the most popular IPs in today’s world, where they are originating from and how they are changing.

The top five key trends identified in the report are crucial for all content and licensing brands to be aware of in order to engage the family audience and stay ahead of the curve.


Brands must keep on-track with shifting preferences. US kids aged 6-9 are +22% more likely to name Disney+ as their favourite platform over Netflix. The reason given for this is that the platform provides access to their favourite shows (+28%). Catering to kid and family demand is the only way to ensure long lasting brand affinity.


The content that families consume together is changing. Millennial parents globally are +31% more likely to play video games as a family hobby compared to Gen X. The younger generation are also -10% less likely to watch TV with their kids. Will gaming rise to replace more traditional family pastimes such as watching TV or taking trips?


Kids naturally gravitate towards their favourite IPs when making purchase decisions. Amongst 3-5s globally, PAW Patrol toys are the third most popular type. In the US, PAW Patrol fans are +41% more likely to purchase toys in relation to their favourite TV shows than the average kid. Aligning licensing strategies across a number of brand touchpoints builds an organic and loyal brand advocacy.


As new media and technologies provide new opportunities for younger generations, career aspirations change. Becoming a YouTuber is the fourth most popular career aspiration and is also the number one career aspiration amongst tweens in the UK, Poland, Brazil, Canada and South Korea. Recognising the commercial value and educational potential in content will be increasingly essential for brands moving forwards – particularly with promotion, influencer marketing and sponsorships.


The fragmented nature of the content industry means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. There are plenty of different long-form and short-form touchpoints that engage kids and parents. 55% of teenagers across all our surveyed markets use Instagram and the number of parents globally who report to use TikTok daily has increased by +12% year-on-year. Simultaneously, the number of tweens who listen to podcasts has increased over a variety of categories since 2020, including TV and film (+47%), news and politics (+44%) and technology (+42%). It is essential to find the correct balance between these mediums and understand how content works best for your brand.

Matt Smith, Head of Industry Knowledge team comments: “Licensed toy purchases have increased overall in our data, as kids look to engage with their favourite digital IP in the offline space, now more than ever. While licensed TV toys remain the most popular IP category amongst kids aged 3-9 (43%), the highest growth areas are in fact toys related to video games (+25%) and YouTubers (+14%). As kids are engaging more with online content, the variety of IPs that resonate with them is growing.”

Raj Sundavadra, Lead Researcher in Industry Knowledge explains: “Understanding the wealth of upcoming opportunities, challenges and the current lay of the content landscape is the key to building solid brand identity and consumer loyalty that counts.”

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