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NEW MUSIC GROUP Secures CMG Worldwide for Queen of Popera Romina Arena Licensing Representation


Industry Leader in Personality Clearances and Brand Licensing Expands into the World of live music, by signing award winning international Italian superstar Romina Arena.

Los Angeles, CA -­‐ August, 2018 – Los Angeles music and entertainment management company NEW MUSIC GROUP owner Jay Hall, has added the premier celebrity licensing representation company, CMG Worldwide (“CMG”) to their team for international award-­‐winning star, singer, songwriter, celebrity brand, author, composer, designer and national TV networks executive producer-­‐creator Romina Arena. CMG, headed by renowned Intellectual Property expert, Mark Roesler, represents over 300 of the world’s most famous personalities. Romina Arena joins the CMG WORLDWIDE team, which will represent the talented young Artist in all branding and licensing matters, creating opportunities for her brand in a multitude of categories, promoting and extending her name, music, likeness and celebrity status, in a large number of multimedia platforms.
romina sexy picKnown for their legendary clients such as James Dean, Bettie Page, Rosa Parks, and Amelia Earhart, CMG is expanding its roster to include more contemporary personalities by adding the International music Popera star to their prestigious list of clients.
The Romina Arena brand Collection is a signature lifestyle concept inspired by, created by, and designed by Romina Arena. The growing brand will offer a wide range of product categories including footwear, apparel, fragrance, fashion accessories, travel apparel and products, girls clothing, a home line, furniture, appliances, food and beverage items, and more. In addition to this, CMG will collaborate with Romina on developing unique platforms for her, coordinating with her management and advisory team, where many exciting new projects will be created by her; such as musicals, videogames, app and mobile games and digital opportunities, all promoting her various talents and abilities as a designer, composer, storyteller, screenwriter, producer, linguist, performer, and even as a chef.
Because of her Italian heritage, Romina has coined her own slogan, “Embracing American Culture With An Italian Accent!” as for her it is essential to remain authentic to her Italian background, which will be evident in all of her projects and products.
“I am truly honored to have become the client of CMG Worldwide, joining superstar names such as James Dean and Maya Angelou; this is the most respected licensing agency in the world, when it comes to brands and celebrities, and for me it is still a dream to be represented by CMG!” Romina Arena said.
For CMG, Romina Arena will represent the new live entertainment division in the company, as an artist and brand celebrity. Her personal agent and vice president of the agency Bill Uglow, is thrilled to have scouted such an amazing artist and brilliant mind and already has a variety of opportunities ready to be considered by her new client.
“Romina Arena has the potential to build the next Disney or become the next mogul in entertainment, from music, to books, musicals and films, to becoming a serious designer in the caliber of Versace and DOLCE & GABBANA, with a home décor vision and touch ala Martha Stewart, and wait to see her live in concert! She is a dynamo with a five octave vocal range”, Uglow stated, “Romina Arena and her team have been ahead of the curve the entire time in many areas, and not only in entertainment, but also in philanthropy and good will in the world, empowering women and many causes related to them, while embracing authenticity, inclusion and diversity, especially thanks to her ten languages she writes, sings and speaks fluently, she represents the concept of “ONE VOICE, ONE LANGUAGE”, bringing millions of people, from all around the world and from all walks of life, together, that is her incredible power.”
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About CMG Worldwide
CMG Worldwide is the home of properties and personalities considered to be among the most prestigious in the licensing industry. Based in Los Angeles, California with offices in Nashville, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas, CMG Worldwide secured its position during the 1970s as the premier company for representing the families and estates of deceased celebrities. Today, CMG Worldwide represents over 300 diverse personalities and corporate clients in the sports, entertainment, historic, and music fields. CMG Worldwide clients include sports legends such as Jackie Robinson, Florence Griffith Joyner, Joe Louis, Lou Gehrig, and Jim Thorpe, with the rest of the sports roster running the spectrum of retired sports greats like Jim Palmer, Carl Erskine, and Bill Elliott. Entertainment clients include the families of legends such as James Dean, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Rock Hudson, Bettie Page and Lana Turner. In addition, CMG represents many internationally acclaimed musicians including Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Don McLean and prestigious corporate accounts like the City of Beverly Hills. Historical clients include the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, Amelia Earhart, Tammie Jo Shults, Mark Twain, and famed poet Dr. Maya Angelou. Please click here for a complete client listing. As the business and marketing agent for these clients, CMG puts together over 2,000 different business deals each year throughout the world
About Romina Arena
Romina Arena is an international Award-­‐winning Artist Creator, international recording Disney star, producer, composer, songwriter, linguist, screenwriter, author, travel writer, executive TV and music producer, licensed brand, film maker, music supervisor, and musical writer. She has sold over four million records worldwide, releasing records in ten different languages, collaborating with major Grammy winning record producers such as legendary Bob Johnston (SIMON & GARFUNKEL, BOB DYLAN) and Chuck Howard (LEANN RIMES) to Oscar winning legendary Ennio Morricone (THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA). Romina is the star & executive producer of US national TV network ABC specials Holiday Movie skating spectacular as well as on ESPN International, and PBS and she is the creator and executive producer of CINEMATICA LIVE! . Romina has recorded/performed with major artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Richie, Marcello Giordani, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and written songs for Britney Spears, Hollie Steel, Ennio Morricone, and headlined on major stages around the world including The Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia, The Vatican in Rome, The Colosseum of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and more. Romina has composed and written music for major videogames produced by Microsoft and soundtracks for networks and major studios. Including the BAFTA winning soundtrack for ‘Gotham Racing 2’. Romina has founded her own successful Music and Sonic Branding,Song-­‐plugging, Music Supervision, Licensing and Publishing ‘ARENA SONIC BRAND” as well as being musically published by Warner Chappell. She is the author creator of new exciting travel brand book franchise ‘WHERE DID THEY FILM THAT?” based on her new exciting travel book series and soundtracks with Lakeshore Entertainment. Romina is also launching a few more licensed products in many sectors exclusively represented by major licensing celebrity agency CMG WORLDWIDE being considered a celebrity legend in the company of James Dean.
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Worldwide Management Exclusive Representation
Jay Hall for New Music Group 310-­‐808-­‐5978
Advisory Legal Business Affairs Representation
Brad Rubens 610-­‐658-­‐1996
Personal Agent for Romina Arena For CMG Worldwide
Bill Uglow

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