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Parham Santana Introduces BrandSlam (TM), New Licensing Division Integrates Business and Creative image

Parham Santana Introduces BrandSlam (TM), New Licensing Division Integrates Business and Creative

TCM/Turner Classic Movies, The Miss Universe Organization and PBS Kids all sign on to holistic approach
May 29, 2013 – Parham Santana, The Brand Extension Agency, has launched a new division that offers a holistic approach to licensing from research, strategy, design, sales representation, and program management. After 25 years of success as a creative agency, it became apparent that every significant brand extension conversation involved both creative and business challenges. According to John Parham, President, Director of Branding, Parham Santana, “We’ve named the new division, BrandSlam(TM), because combined, these services represent grand slam opportunities for our clients. Our team is comprised of researchers, strategists and creative thinkers who know how to define the extendable equities of a brand and create tangible ideas to illustrate the product, retail and digital possibilities.”
Aaron Spiegeland, Vice President, Brand Strategy and Licensing, has been named to run the new division. Previously a Director of Brand Management at Beanstalk, Aaron oversaw accounts that generated over $600 million in annual retail revenue.
The new division already represents three national brands: TCM/Turner Classic Movies, The Miss Universe Organization and PBS KIDS. Two more will be announced during Licensing EXPO in June. “These are brands with tremendous brand extension opportunity made all the more compelling when we ‘vision’ what’s possible. By integrating creative and business we are quickly on the cusp of several agreements with major suppliers in large categories,” says Parham.
“TCM/Turner Classic movies, with its iconic stars and timeless fashions, is always in style,” says Spiegeland, Parham Santana envisions products that are “Inspired by Classics.” The agency will assist in translating the treasured beauty, glamor and romance of classic films into popular contemporary styles.
“Turner Classic Movies attracts fans of all ages, cultural backgrounds and tastes, and they enjoy watching no matter where they are,” said Dennis Adamovich, Senior Vice President of Digital, Affiliate, Lifestyle and Enterprise Commerce for TCM, TBS and TNT. “The retail marketplace provides a strong opportunity to tap into the passion of classic movie fans in exciting new ways.”
Parham Santana’s work with The Miss Universe Organization, which produces the MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA® and MISS TEEN USA® Pageants, began with the rebranding and extension of the global franchise in 2012. “This is an exciting time for us,” says Jason Webski, Director of Marketing and Business Development, for the Miss Universe Organization. “Now that we’ve tapped into the DNA of our brand, we are proud to share it in different ways with a new generation, and we believe it will help us tremendously as we pursue new marketing and business development opportunities.”
For PBS KIDS, Parham Santana helped extend the brand of this leader in children’s television with the debut of its educational toy line in 2011 that helps preschoolers learn exploration through play. The tagline, “A little wonder goes a long way,” taps into the scientific truth of the Power of Play.
“We’re excited to be working with Parham Santana to extend PBS KIDS licensing into new product categories,” says Dawn Ciccone, Senior Director, Consumer Products. “Broadening our reach allows us to engage children in new ways to better help them learn reading, math and other essential skills as well as enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”
“We know our clients have spent many decades building their brands and when they make a decision to extend that equity we want them to know we understand it’s a financial opportunity, but we also recognize that their brand image is their most valuable currency. And we know how to deftly manage both,” adds Parham.
The goal is to keep this division small and special. “We’ve been honored to represent brands with tremendous equity and potential and we intend to give them our best,” notes Parham.
Parham Santana (, The Brand Extension Agency helps national brands extend and restage in the retail world. Positioning and brand extension strategies for clients have guided long-term multi-billion-dollar retail programs for thousands of products at major national retailers in every channel of distribution – including Walmart, Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Parham Santana’s clients are among the worlds leading brands, including Food Network, Better Homes and Gardens, Discovery Channel, American Girl, and Petsmart.

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