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People Profile: Gina Cappi, Chief Creative Officer at Mad Engine Global image

People Profile: Gina Cappi, Chief Creative Officer at Mad Engine Global

The global licensing community is powered by an incredible group of professionals whose diverse backgrounds and creative energy drive innovation and excellence. Each week we’re profiling one of these professionals in this ongoing series.

How did you get into licensing (or how did licensing find you)?
My first job out of college was as a sales assistant at a major licensed apparel manufacturer.  I have always enjoyed the process of selling an idea!

What’s a “typical” day in your current position?
My typical day involves working with all of the design leads and art directors, check ins with the sales team on their needs, prepping retailer presentations, working hand-in-hand with the licensing department, and manifesting innovation!

What’s your biggest personal or professional accomplishment?
My biggest personal accomplishment is raising my two incredible teenagers, and my proudest professional accomplishment is being named Chief Creative Officer for Mad Engine Global.

What are the most significant trends or changes that you’ve seen in the business in recent years?
The competitive landscape has become greater!  You must constantly exhibit the very best design, pricing, and back-end execution.

What keeps you up at night? What’s your biggest challenge these days?
Nothing keeps me up, because I love my sleep, but I do spend a ton of time thinking about what the next big license is, how we can show up differently than the competition, and what is missing in retail. The biggest challenge is constantly staying ahead.

In your opinion, what is the top skill every licensing executive should have in order to succeed?
Creative and forward thinking is KEY!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, or what’s your favorite quote?
The best advice I was ever given was “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” I respect an openness for constructive criticism.

What is your favorite licensing deal of all time? (It doesn’t have to be one that was signed by you.)
My favorite program to date was my creation of “Jojo’s Closet” for Target. It featured Jojo Siwa inspired by cosplay with 14 consecutive collections.

If you weren’t in licensing, what would you be doing now?
I would be a stylist or in costume design.

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