Planeta Junior Attends Brand Licensing Europe to Present Their New Properties

• The company is managing the ‘Sendokai Champions’ licensing programme in several European countries
• ‘Egyxos’ and ‘Vicky the Viking’ also head up the company’s current portfolio

Planeta Junior, a leading company in audiovisual production and distribution for children and teenagers throughout Europe, is attending Brand Licensing Europe this year (London, 15-17 October) to present their latest properties.
The company will make use of the sector’s most important fair in Europe to present the ‘Sendokai Champions’ licensing and merchandising programme, which it is being managed for several European countries, including Italy, France, Greece, Russia, Turkey and Central and Eastern European countries, among others. It is intended for children from 6 to 9 years of age and is based on the animation series about an exciting story of action and adventures of four friends who have to overcome their shortcomings and learn the art of Sendokai in order to become warriors, win the Great Multiverse Tournament and thus save the Earth.
The first part of the series is currently being broadcast in Spain and more than 50 Latin American countries. It will also shortly be on air in the US, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Planeta Junior will also be presenting the latest news related to ‘Vicky the Viking’ and ‘Egyxos’. The new 3D/CGI ‘Vicky the Viking’ series, which has just started to be aired in Spain, is part of a global project to update television classics that were a great success in Europe. The company, which owns the rights for Spain, Italy and Greece, is using the same brand development concept that it successfully applied to ‘Maya the Bee’.
‘Egyxos’ is an action and adventure series for children from 8 to 12 years of age, which chronicles the adventures of an ancient civilization lost in space and time, with characters with superpowers that fight for the domination over their kingdom. The two warriors brothers Kefer and Exathon will involve Leo in a fight and he will discover that he has inherited the powers of the pharaoh. His life will change forever and he will start to live adventures around the two worlds. Planeta Junior has the worldwide licensing rights.
The company will also be presenting the licensing programmes of the four children’s series by Rainbow, which it now represents in Spain and France: ‘Mia and me’, ‘Winx Club’, ‘Pop Pixie’ and ‘Huntik’. This is an important recently signed agreement that enables Planeta Junior to expand its range of children’s series, affording 360º exploitation and numerous possibilities for the company.
Planeta Junior will also be announcing its new business development plans for ‘Zou’, with licensing rights for Spain, Italy and Central and Eastern Europe, and ‘Kikoriki’, represented by Planeta Junior in Spain, Portugal and France.
This year’s Brand Licensing Europe will also be the platform for presenting new aspects of the licensing programmes of some of Planeta Junior’s most emblematic properties in different regions: ‘Sony Classics’ and ‘Shadow Hunters’ in Spain, Greece and Central and Eastern Europe; ‘Sesame Street’ in Spain and Italy; ‘3D Maya the Bee’ in Spain, Italy and Greece; ‘The Secret Ranch’ in Italy, Greece and Central and Eastern Europe; ‘Hello Kitty’, ‘Charmy Kitty’ and ‘Ben 10’ in Greece; ‘Poppy Cat’ in France and Central and Eastern Europe; ‘Mr. Men & Little Miss’ in Greece and Central and Eastern Europe; and ‘Arlist’ in Italy.
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