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Planeta Junior Italia has signed with SWEET for the new chocolate eggs with surprise of Maya the Bee new 3D version image

Planeta Junior Italia has signed with SWEET for the new chocolate eggs with surprise of Maya the Bee new 3D version

Milan, November 21st — 2011 Planeta Junior Italia has signed with SWEET for products with the brand Maya the Bee Classic version and new 3D version. The Company based in Gorizia, the second largest producer of chocolate eggs with surprise, it will carry a new line of “Sweet Eggs” dedicated to the most famous Bee loved by children. This new line will be initially developped on the classic cartoon series in 2D, later on the new series in 3D. Inside the eggs, many nice surprises inspired to the world of Maya the Bee which rights are owned by Planeta Junior.
The most famous Bee in the world is a classic among all the characters of the animation. Starred in three series of cartoons for 35 episodes each (Classic series), the adorable Maya provides quality entertainment with educational content (“edutainment”) for the whole family.
Maya the Bee has been on television for 30 years, the first issue dates back to 1979 on Rai 1 and is a successful international character which airs in over 120 countries worldwide.
Planeta Junior has signed an important deal with RAI to broadcast the animated 3D series Maya the Bee, which will be on air on Rai Due from 2012.
In Italy, the new series will be in collaboration with Rai Fiction.
Suitable for an audience of children (target: 3-9 years), the series Maya the Bee in 3D (in the format 78×11’) has been produced by Studio100 Animation and co-produced by TF1 and ZDF.
Studio100’s partner for Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece and Cyprus is the Group Planeta Junior.
The “Sweet Eggs’ new line dedicated to Maya the Bee – available in back-to-school in 2012 – will have a pleasant peculiarity: they will be two colors. The central part of the shell and the inner of the small egg will be in white chocolate, while the two sides in milk chocolate. These eggs are taking care of nutritional values: Sweet are in fact produced by a sophisticated automated system that allows to restrict the calorie intake while maintaining the goodness of this candy. Each “Sweet Ovetto” provide to kids less than 99 calories.
“We are very pleased to match our small EGGS to a major player in the world of cartoons, loved in Italy and around the world especially from smaller,” said Fabrizio Manganelli, founder and president of Sweet. “Even with Maya the Bee, Italian children will appreciate our chocolat eggs, and enjoy collecting many beautiful surprises.”
We are honored to have on board one between our licensees also Sweet,” said Mauro Gilardi, Sales Manager Italy of Planeta Junior, “with which we look forward to working together on other projects.”
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