RoyaltyZone Releases a New, More Modern, User Interface Making the Best in Market Solution, Even Better

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The cleaner, simpler user interface provides a more intuitive and streamlined experience for licensors, agents, and licensees to manage and automate licensing operations.

“The new user interface is a direct result of our collaboration and cooperation with our world class brand licensing industry clients. We enhance and optimize RoyaltyZone every year to provide the best possible experience for our clients,” stated RoyaltyZone’s Vice President of Consumer Products, Lou Ellman.

In keeping RoyaltyZone’s clients’ needs at the forefront of development, the new, visually appealing UI preserves the ability for users to customize the branding and colors of their account. The new UI provides a better overall experience for all current and future RoyaltyZone clients.


About RoyaltyZone
Founded in 2006, RoyaltyZone was created with the goal in mind to provide an affordable, easy to implement, and easy to use web-based software tool that enables licensors, agents, and licensees to manage license agreements, rights, products, invoices, and royalties with ease. Acquired by FilmTrack in 2016, RoyaltyZone helps sports, entertainment, and corporate brands around the world to manage and grow their licensing program.


Contact: Jennifer Sistilli

Director of Marketing

Phone: (818) 574-5980

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