Spin Master Corp. Readies Limited Edition Licensed Etch A Sketch Products

Spin Master Etch A Sketch Monopoly Stan Lee Spin Master

Toronto, Canada — Spin Master Corp. is readying a series of limited edition products as it marks the 60th anniversary of the Etch A Sketch brand.

For 2020, the Etch a Sketch® brand is joining forces with the beloved MONOPOLY brand, space exploration leader NASA, heritage toy Rubik’s and comic book marvel Stan Lee. Each will have their own limited-edition Etch A Sketch® drawing toys, merging two iconic worlds into one magic, shake-to-erase collector’s item. The new products are among the first licensed products to be launched since Spin master acquired the brand in 2016 as the Ohio Arts Co., which introduced the mechanical drawing toy in 1960, exited the toy business. 

“The Etch A Sketch® drawing toy is one of only a handful of breakthrough toys that’s popularity spans generations,” says Arlene Biran, VP of Marketing for Activities and Building Sets, Spin Master. “It is a timeless toy that encourages creativity on a magic screen that doesn’t need WIFI. Our series of limited-edition collaborations with other inspiring and imaginative classics honors 60 years of unplugged creativity.”

  • Etch A Sketch® MONOPOLY Edition (March, $19.99): As the classic board game celebrates an 85-year milestone, pass go and collect a limited-edition MONOPOLY-inspired Etch a Sketch.
  • Etch A Sketch® NASA Inspired Edition (April, $19.99): And after 60 years here on earth, we’re looking to space to encourage a new generation of creative explorers with the NASA-inspired Etch a Sketch. Because even the biggest space shuttles, started with a simple sketch.
  • Etch A Sketch® Rubik’s Edition (May, $19.99): With a cumulative age surpassing 100, worlds will collide with an Etch a Sketch inspired by the mind-bending heritage toy that has become a household name.
  • Etch A Sketch® Stan Lee Edition (July, $19.99): Out-of-this-world storytelling merges with the original magic screen inspired by the superhero of creativity who co-created such iconic characters as Spider-Man™, Iron Man™, X-Men™, and many more.

“We’re thrilled to work with the team at Spin Master to bring the Etch A Sketch MONOPOLY Edition to market,” said Casey Collins, GM & SVP of Entertainment and Licensing at Hasbro. “As we honor major milestones for both brands this year, we hope fans of all ages will treasure this release for years to come.”

The Etch A Sketch® limited edition collaborations will be released in limited quantities throughout the year on EtchASketch.com as well on Etch A Sketch® Day, July 12, 2020, marking the official day the first Etch A Sketch toy was sold. Etch A Sketch was invented by Andre Cassagnes.  It sold 600,000 units in its first year on the market and has sold 100 million units worldwide.

In addition to the collaborations with iconic classics, Spin Master is unveiling a new limited-edition Diamond Edition Etch a Sketch® ($29.99) featuring a sleek black frame and custom crystal knobs available in limited quantities on EtchASketch.com. The company will also release new innovation with Etch a Sketch® Revolution in August ($9.99), the first Etch A Sketch® with a spinning screen that allows you to make circles.

About Spin Master
Spin Master (TSX:TOY; www.spinmaster.com) is a leading global children’s entertainment company that creates, designs, manufactures, licenses and markets a diversified portfolio of innovative toys, games, products and entertainment properties. Spin Master is best known for award-winning brands including Zoomer®, Bakugan®, Erector® by Meccano®, Hatchimals®, Air Hogs® and PAW Patrol®. Since 2000, Spin Master has received 110 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations with 30 wins across a variety of product categories, including 13 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year. To date, Spin Master has produced nine television series, including the relaunched Bakugan: Battle Planet and current hit PAW Patrol, which is broadcast in over 160 countries and territories globally. Spin Master employs over 1,800 people in countries around the world including Canada, United States, Mexico, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Australia.

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