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State of Survival X Pacific Rim Collaboration image

State of Survival X Pacific Rim Collaboration

FunPlus aims to bring new gameplay mechanics, events, skins and the iconic Gipsy Avenger to the roguelike mode of the multiplatform strategy game

Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland  – FunPlus has launched collaboration with Legendary Entertainment’s Pacific Rim franchise.

The collaboration will bring the iconic Jaegers and Kaiju to the post-apocalyptic world of State of Survival. The top multiplatform strategy game is teaming up with Pacific Rim Uprising and Pacific Rim The Black to bring players an epic new adventure set in a world on the brink of apocalypse. Starting today, this thrilling crossover event will plunge players into a thrilling battle against the forces of destruction.

Triggered by the zombie virus, the world of State of Survival has attracted the attention of the enigmatic Precursors. Exploiting wormholes to breach our universe, they unleash the monstrous Kaiju, Knifehead, and Obsidian Fury upon the settlements. With their secondary brains releasing pheromones that enslave the zombie hordes, the threat grows ever more dire. Knowing the catastrophic consequences should these creatures manage to seize control of another Earth in a parallel universe, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) sends two Jaegers, Striker Eureka, and Gipsy Avenger, through the wormhole to aid the heroes in the world of State of Survival. Joining forces with iconic heroes like Sarge and Becca, these freshly landed Jaegers embark on a riveting new adventure to save humanity from total annihilation.

We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with Pacific Rim, a major global entertainment franchise” said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus. “This partnership not only represents a perfect synergy between State of Survival’s apocalyptic world and the epic battles of Pacific Rim Uprising and Pacific Rim The Black, it also illustrates our flagship title’s longevity and relevance five years’ after its initial launch”.

The exciting collaboration between State of Survival and the Pacific Rim franchise will introduce an array of exciting gameplay features and rewards, including:

  • Event Sign-In: Players can sign in to receive exclusive in-game items as rewards with the 7-Day Sign-In Event.
  • Card Collection: Collect IP-themed cards available in Common, Golden, and Diamond quality, with rewards based on collection progress.
  • Lucky Wheel: Spin the wheel to win Behemoth Skin Fragments and other prizes.
  • Base Defense Mode: Team up with Striker Eureka to fend off zombies, Knifehead, and Obsidian Fury, earning rewards.
  • Roguelike Mode: Experience intense battles with Gipsy Avenger’s Fists and Striker Eureka’s Sting-Blades, and more signature weapon upgrades available for each Jaeger.
  • Boss Battle Mode: Face off against Obsidian Fury in single-player mode and Knifehead in multiplayer mode, deploying Gipsy Avenger and Striker Eureka to lead player troops.
  • Pacific Rim Uprising and Pacific Rim The Black -inspired skins and decorations: available for purchase in the store, including Hero Statues, Giant Statues, March Skin, and HQ Skin.

Additionally, players can purchase the Season Pass to earn tokens and a variety of valuable rewards. In addition, players can participate in the Event Store to obtain tokens that are exchangeable for exclusive items, enhancing their gaming experience.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with State of Survival on this exciting crossover event with the Pacific Rim universe,” said Sam Rappaport, Vice President of Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment. “From the very beginning it was clear to us that nothing could raise the stakes of a zombie apocalypse more than the addition of giant Jaegers and monstrous Kaiju. The players will truly be put to the test in this challenging new adventure”

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